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Part number: T/AQUA
  • Helps to prevent slips and falls in dry and wet conditions
  • Made from a strong non-abrasive material which is very kind to bare skin
  • Creates a strong bond with a application surface thanks to its strong self-adhesive backing
  • Available in rolls consisting of approx 30 (200mmx20mm) strips or 72 (40mm diameter) circles


Tenura non-slip bath stickers are a simple solution to stop slips and falls in the bath or shower.

Tenura anti-slip bath and shower stickers will prevent slipping and blend into the bath or shower and your bathroom decoration without looking out of place. They are easy to apply and much more efficient than bath mats, which without cleaning can attract mould.

As for the non-slip qualities, our anti-slip stickers have excellent slip protection and are also non-abrasive, which means they will not harm bare skin but will grip exceptionally well. Due to their lack of peaks and valleys, our decals will not harbour bacteria like bath mats do, so cleaning is easy.

You can apply these waterproof bathroom stickers to any frequently wet areas for long-lasting slip and fall prevention, making them ideal for bathtubs, shower trays, wetrooms, swimming pools, paddling pools or even hot tubs.

Installation of Tenura bath stickers is quick and easy. You must clean the application surface with an alcohol-based cleaner to ensure it is free from contaminants. Cream-based cleaners leave a powder residue that prevents adhesion. Once the surface is clean, peel the sticker away from the roll and apply it to the surface. You can use the sticker template for a uniform application.

Tenura bath stickers have a heat resistance range from –30°C to 70°C and strong adhesive backing. Both properties ensure they remain stuck to the surface and prevent lifting even when exposed to water of varying temperatures.

Tenura anti-slip bath and shower stickers are available in rolls of approximately 30 strips (200mm x 20mm) or 72 discs (40mm diameter) in white or transparent.

Other colours and shapes are possible if required. Please get in touch with us to inquire further.

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Please note: Anti slip bathroom stickers are not eligible for VAT exemption.


  • Baths and shower trays
  • Wetrooms
  • Swimming pools or paddling pools, even hot tubs
  • Frequently wet and slippery floors and surfaces

Please Note: The surface you are applying the stickers to, must first be cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner (IPA Surface Cleaner), to ensure no residue is left, creating a good adhesive bond between disc and surface. Using any cream cleaners will leave a powder residue, which will contaminate the adhesive and cause it to fail.

We have a great guide in the form of a blog that takes you through the bath sticker application process, step by step.


Tenura Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Bathroom Stickers Video


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PDF icon Download the application guide for the bathroom discs

PDF icon Download the application guide for the bathroom strips

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