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Daily Living Aids to Help Maintain Independent Living

tenura-daily-living-aidsTenura is more than just a range of non slip daily living aids Tenura can be built into a system that can be used to maintain independent living for people with conditions, such as arthritis, that cause impairments to the strength of their grip or limits to mobility.

The Tenura site features daily living aids, that although may be similar to others, are actually totally unique in this market. The reason for this is the material they are manufactured from, silicone. Silicone is totally non toxic and safe to use anywhere, and does not feature chemicals or substances that are banned in some parts of the US.

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Tenura self adhesive non slip silicone reels now available!

Tenura self adhesive non slip silicone reels now available!

Tenuras latest addition to the daily living aids range is self-adhesive non-slip silicone reels. This material is our faithful non-slip silicone with an added bonus of a strong self adhesive backing, allowing it to be applied to an area as…
Grip Aids for Tools During Maintenance and Repair Work

Grip Aids for Tools During Maintenance and Repair Work

There are tonnes of tasks in the workplace and home which require the use of spanners, wrenches, screwdrivers and many other tools, to effectively tighten or loosen parts and a strong grip can often be required. These tasks can become…
Mounting Devices & How Tenura Can Help!

Mounting Devices & How Tenura Can Help!

Tenura extreme mats are a strong tacky material renowned for its strong grip of materials, preventing all movement from objects resting on its surface. We have seen this material used in motor homes, caravans, in cars and even in clinical trials…
Tenura at Rehacare 2016!

Tenura at Rehacare 2016!

Rehacare has come around once again!
Tenura is very excited to be attending again and cannot wait to show the new variations we have developed from our product range. Come and see Tenura at Booth 3/ A70/I.
AT-AAC Conference

AT-AAC Conference

The AT-AAC conference is a two day event between the 1st and 2nd of September where the leading experts and users of assistive technologies and communication methods come together to share their knowledge and experiences with you. This conference…

Featured products

Tenura Aqua Safe Anti Slip Bath and Shower Stickers

Part number: T/AQUA/C-CLEAR
Non abrasive aqua safe, anti slip bath and shower stickers to prevent slipping in wet areas.
  • £6.23

Tenura Non Slip Fabric

Part number: T/NET-BEIGE
Non slip fabric in a range of colours for form as well as function.
  • £7.50

Tenura Anti Slip Silicone Rubber Square Coaster (Pack of 4)

Part number: TC/9-1A
Anti slip silicone rubber square coasters that come in a range of colours
  • £6.50

Tenura Anti Slip Cutlery Grips (Pack of 2)

Part number: T/CG-1
Universal cutlery grips, designed to improve grip and comfort for the user.
  • £15.00

Tenura Silicone Rubber Jar Opener

Part number: T/J-1A
Tenura silicone rubber jar opener enhances grip to make opening jars and containers easier.
  • £4.00
Rating: 5.0 of 5

Tenura Kitchen Packs

Part number: T/KITCHENPACK
Tenura Kitchen Packs offer a collection of anti slip and grip daily living aids designed to help you in the kitchen.
  • £13.33

Tenura Silicone Rubber Anti Slip Circular Coaster

Part number: TC/14-1
Anti slip circular coaster with a multitude of uses around the home.
  • £4.00

Tenura Children's Cutlery Grips ( Pack of 2 )

Part number: T/PCG
Tenura children’s cutlery grips increase grip and comfort for small hands when using utensils.
  • £10.00

Tenura Self Adhesive Non Slip Silicone Reel

Part number: T/SAR-B
Tenura self adhesive non slip silicone reels, a simply way to apply a permanent non slip surface
  • £16.00

Special offers

Tenura Anti Slip & Anti Microbial Childrens Table Mat

Part number: T/F-1
Our new anti-microbial, anti slip mats in fun cat and frog shapes, for kids.
  • £15.60

Tenura Extreme Super Grip Adhesive Mats

Part number: T/EC-1
Super grip adhesive mats for when you need an extremely grippy surface!
  • £10.00

Tenura Non Slip Fabric

Part number: T/NET-BEIGE
Non slip fabric in a range of colours for form as well as function.
  • £7.50

Tenura Silicone Anti Microbial Moulded Cup Holder

Part number: T/CH-1
A moulded cup holder to provide an anti slip base for mugs and glasses.
  • £7.50


  • £1.00