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Tenura Extreme Super Grip Adhesive Mats

Part number: T/EG-1
Super grip adhesive mats for when you need an extremely grippy surface!
  • £8.76

Tenura Anti Slip Silicone Rubber Square Coaster (Pack of 4)

Part number: TC/9-1
The Tenura silicone rubber anti-slip square coaster is available in a range of colours
  • £5.72

Tenura Anti Slip Cutlery Grips (Pack of 2)

Part number: T/CG-1
Universal cutlery grips, designed to improve grip and comfort for the user on cutlery and various utensils.
  • £15.00
Rating: 3.2 of 5

Tenura Antimicrobial CupCaps (Pack of 2)

Part number: T/CC-1
Self sealing, antimicrobial CupCaps that prevent spills.
  • £10.00
Rating: 4.8 of 5

Tenura Silicone Bottle Opener

Part number: T/B-1
Silicone bottle opener which increases grip and comfort to assist with the opening of bottle and small containers.
  • £3.00

Tenura Aqua Safe Anti Slip Bath and Shower Stickers

Part number: T/AQUA
Non abrasive aqua safe, anti-slip bath and shower stickers to prevent slipping in wet areas.
  • £7.20

Tenura Non Slip Fabric

Part number: T/NET
Non-slip fabric in a range of colours for form as well as function.
  • £7.50

Tenura Children's Cutlery Grips (Pack of 2)

Part number: T/PCG
Tenura children’s cutlery grips increase grip and comfort for small hands when using utensils.
  • £10.00

Tenura Self Adhesive Non Slip Silicone Reel

Part number: T/SAR-B
Tenura self adhesive non-slip silicone reels, a simple way to apply a permanent non slip surface
  • £16.00
Rating: 4.4 of 5

Tenura Silicone Rubber Jar Opener

Part number: T/J-1
Tenura silicone rubber jar opener enhances grip to make opening jars and containers easier.
  • £4.00
Rating: 5.0 of 5

Tenura Anti Slip & Anti Microbial Childrens Table Mat

Part number: T/F-1
Our anti-microbial, anti-slip mat for children in fun cat and frog shapes.
  • £9.99

Tenura Silicone Rubber Circular Anti Slip Coaster

Part number: TC/14-1
Anti-slip circular coaster with a multitude of uses around the home.
  • £3.83