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Daily Living Aids to Help Maintain Independent Living

Old Lady Holding Silicone Jar Opener Tenura Daily Living AidTenura is more than just a range of non-slip daily living aids. Tenura can be built into a system that can be used to maintain independent living for people with conditions such as arthritis that cause impairments to the strength of their grip or limits to mobility.

The Tenura site features daily living aids, that although may be similar to others, are actually totally unique in this market. The reason for this is the material they are manufactured from, silicone. Silicone is totally non-toxic and safe to use anywhere and does not feature chemicals or substances (phthalates) that are banned in some parts of the US.

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Typical Placemats Vs Tenura Placemats

Typical Placemats Vs Tenura Placemats

Discover the advantages of Tenura Placemats compared to typical options. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and durable, Tenura offers a superior dining experience.

Tenura's Company Changes

Discover Tenura's Transition to B2B: Tailored Solutions for Daily Living Aids. Wholesale, Drop Shipping, Custom Options & More!
Tenura - Celebrating Purple Tuesday

Tenura - Celebrating Purple Tuesday

Discover Tenura's unwavering commitment to inclusivity as we celebrate Purple Tuesday. Learn about our dedication to creating accessible solutions and empowering individuals with disabilities for a more inclusive world.