Tenura | Anti-slip and grip for independent living


These videos are created to not only show off the range in a live situation, but also to give you instructions on how to fully utilise them.

Tenura Anti Slip and Grip Disability Aids for Independent Living - Promotional Video

This first tenura video promotes our main range of disability aids, showing just a couple of their uses. 

Tenura Aqua Safe Anti Slip Bath and Shower Strips and Discs

This video on our aqua safe strips and discs will assist you with efficient application. 

How to use Tenura CupCaps

Tenura CupCaps help to prevent spills while drinking. View the video to find out how to use Tenura CupCaps

How to Apply and Remove Tenura Cutlery Grips
This video shows you how to use your Tenura cutlery grips.
How to Use Tenura Cup Holders
Our video for Tenura cup holders will give you details about how to use and look after your Tenura cup holder.