Tenura | Anti-slip and grip for independent living

Tenura Videos

These videos are created to not only show off the range in a live situation but also to give you instructions on how to fully utilise them.

Tenura Extreme Mats

Organise your life with this super non-slip solution, the Tenura Extreme mat. In this video, we explore new ways to get the most out of your grippy mat and make your home more accessible.

Cutlery Grips

See Tenura cutlery grips used in many alternative ways that improve your ability to complete daily tasks such as brushing your teeth and hair.

Children's Assistive Devices

We have three excellent children's assistive devices available on our website:

Children's cutlery grips, CupCaps and Children's mats.

All of these products can help promote the development of fine motor skills in your child.

Happy Christmas From Tenura

Tenura daily living aids can be helpful all year round, and in this video, we have captured some great ways to use Tenura products to make Christmas accessible.

Tenura Happy Halloween Video

Explore the Tenura daily living aids in a new spooky light, Happy Halloween!

Tenura Non-Slip Fabric

See innovative ways to use Tenura non-slip fabric.

Tenura Silicone Jar Opener & Bottle Openers in Action

See exciting new innovative ways you can put Tenura jar openers and bottle openers to use.

Summer Daily Living Aids by Tenura

Going outside poses new challenges for the disabled/­elderly. Tenura daily living aids can help in summer.

Tenura Daily Living Aids - Valentine's Day

See how Tenura daily living aids can help you prepare a romantic meal for any special occasion.

Tenura Daily Living Aids

This video presents our range of Tenura daily living aids.

Tenura Kitchen Pack

This video introduces the Tenura kitchen pack as well as shows you a range of applications.

Tenura Aqua Safe Anti Slip Bathroom Stickers

Tenura aqua safe bathroom stickers are beautifully presented in this video.

Tenura Anti Slip Coasters & Cup Holders

Our anti-slip coasters & cup holders are wonderfully presented in this video.

Tenura Grip Strips & Reels

View this video showcasing our Tenura grip strips & reels.

Tenura Anti Slip Floor Mat

View our video showcasing our Tenura anti-slip floor mat.

Tenura Aqua Safe Anti Slip Bath and Shower Stickers

View our bath stickers.