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Anti Microbial Anti Slip Childrens Mats on Sale!

tenura anti microbial anti slip childrens matsTenura anti microbial, anti slip children's mats help to add fun to feeing and play time. They are a great product to help increase grip and stability when a child is feeding or playing, as well as protecting furniture surfaces and making clean up easier. 
Available in a green frog, or orange cat, Tenura anti slip children's mats can also visually stimulate young children, making them more observant of things around them. 
Being manufactured from silicone, with an anti-microbial additive, they are non-toxic, chemically inert and much safer than soft PVC alternatives, which feature phthalates, harmful chemicals which can have adverse effects on health. By putting health and safety before manufacturing cost savings, Tenura anti slip children's mats protect against harmful bacteria, such as MRSA, E-coli and Klebsiella, and in addition preventing the build up of mould and fungi.
By using a dish washer or warm, soapy water, Tenura anti slip children's mats can be easily cleaned, and their anti slip properties return once dry.
Treat your children to a fun, safe product by purchasing Tenura anti microbial, anti slip children's mats from Tenura, with 52% off the RRP!
Purchase direct from the website by heading to the Tenura anti slip childrens mat product page. Free shipping is available on all orders over £50.