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How Phthalates are Used in Everyday Objects

bank-notesA lot of media attention has focused on the new British plastic £5 bank note containing animal fats, the use of animal fats is controversial for vegans and vegetarians. The proposed new plastic £20 note will contain palm oil. While being more vegan friendly, the implications of the use of palm oil is the processes to obtain this oil devastates forests, leaving many animals without their natural habitats in which they reside. They say they are going to be producing the new plastic £20 notes using sustainable palm oil, but the jury, as ever, is out.

But what purpose do those oils and fats serve? The answer; they are used as phthalates. The phthalates soften the plastic making it malleable, without them they would be harder and brittle.  What is interesting is that the plastic note manufacturer took an interesting and safe approach. They used a safe phthalate, not something harsh like DEHP, DINP, DIDP etc.

tenura-jar-openerTenura takes a strict approach to plasticisers, we believe that objects which are handled regularly should not contain them. Unlike other companies which offer PVC materials laden with phthalates (DEHP, DINP etc) we take a different approach, heavily plasticised PVC materials were developed in the 1960’s and viewed as the future product; cheap to produce, easy to mould and possessing an initial level of tack. From the 1980’s onwards research soon highlighted high level health risks, so much so that PVC phthalate use is banned for use in hot food containers, children’s toys and objects that be placed in a child’s mouth. The EU, the US Federal Government and especially the states of California and Oregon have progressively legislated against their use.  When we created the Tenura range of daily living aids, non-slip bottle & jar openers, place mats and cup holders, we wanted to use modern materials. Silicone is a green material, that can be used to produce products without any phthalates.

For more information, you can contact us by phone, live chat or by filling out the contact us form on the website.

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Tenura at Rehacare 2016!


Rehacare has come around once again!

Tenura is very excited to be attending again and cannot wait to show the new variations we have developed from our product range. Come and see Tenura at Booth 3/ A70/I.

Held in Dusseldorf, Germany, Rehacare brings many companies and professionals together who have many years experience in the mobility and rehabilitation industry, making it a perfect place to exhibit at for all whose businesses and lives are centralised around rehabilitation and assisted living. This year, Tenura will be bringing a whole new variation of daily living aids to showcase and show to friends, colleagues and the general public. We look forward to hear your opinions on these changes to our range, as well as introducing the long standing products to new faces.

Tenura greatly enjoys attending the Rehacare exhibition as it helps us to reach out to many of the companies and people in this community, answering any questions they may have. It’s great for forming strong friendships, business opportunities, and of course meeting up with old friends. We see new innovations constantly being developed in this ever active industry.

The Rehacare exhibition located at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany and will be running from 28th September – 1st October 2016. Please visit us at Tenura - Booth 3/ A70/I.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and of course the Tenura blog for updates on how the expo is going and everything Tenura gets up to!

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AT-AAC Conference

The AT-AAC  conference is upon us!

The AT-AAC conference is a two day event between the 1st and 2nd of September where the leading experts and users of assistive technologies and communication methods come together to share their knowledge and experiences with you. This conference is held in high regard and can be very useful for those seeking advice or help in daily tasks which may be made harder by physical impairments or diseases, making this a great opportunity for businesses and people alike to reach out and make connections, or learn about the new and innovative technologies constantly being developed to help those who are not able bodied. The conference starts at 9am on the 1st till 10pm, then 9am till 5pm on the 2nd.

Over the two days of this conference, there will be a 16 speakers from around the world, all experts and users of these assistive technologies and AAC will be sharing their knowledge and experience to help provide an insight into their daily lives, the technologies which may work for their conditions and many other topics designed to help and educate those attending. Although this Conference is located in Kršnjavoga 1, Zagreb, Croatia, there will be translations provided, meaning anyone can attend!

arthritis help bundleThroughout the AT-AAC conference, you will get the chance to try out and sample different aids for people with disabilities or impairments. The variety of products range from assistive technologies for computers , augmentative enhancements and alternative communication methods allowing those who attend to really get an understanding of the technology currently out there and any advancements that are currently being made. Along with the ability to sample technologies, various institutions and organisations from around Europe will be presenting their work with the disabled, and physically impaired.  At this conference you will be able to find many of Tenura’s materials and Daily Living Aids to give the general public “hands on” experience with the products and seeing the ways in which they can help during day to day tasks. Please let us know what you think of them, we love to hear some feedback from visitors!


blogFor any further questions or queries about the AT-AAC conference, please speak to Miroslav Vrankic, He is the managing director of E-Glas d.o.o. and will be speaking at the conference.

Tenura at Naidex 2016!

The long awaited Naidex Exhibition is upon us again, and we cannot wait for it to start!

The Naidex expo, Held at the NEC, Birmingham on the 26th-28th of April, is the UK’s largest disability, rehabilitation and homecare event with many different companies and people attending. This is always a great exhibition to attend, and we cannot wait to get setup.

This year, we will be exhibiting our range of daily living aids at the Naidex exhibition, to give out to the general public and share information about the brands! We at Tenura also love making new connections with exhibitors and attendees, to hear about the many interesting innovations this area often has. Tenura’s rep­re­sen­ta­tiv­es, Chris and Stuart, will be at Stand – C20 throughout the exhibition, please don’t hesitate to drop by and say hello!

We have a feeling this years exhibition will be very useful and fun to attend! To keep up with us all the way, make sure to follow our social media on Facebook & Twitter. These will be regularly updated with photos of how the expo is going!

Tenura Christmas and New Year closing

Here it is once again folks. Christmas has come around to us once again! Time to sit down and relax for a while with good food and company, I know for a fact I’m looking forward to putting my feet up.

As with all holidays, Tenura will be closing down over Christmas and New Year, the dates are as follows:


December 23th: Cut off point for Tenura orders

December 24th: 8.30-3
December 25th: Closed
December 26th: Closed
December 27th: Closed
December 28th: Closed
December 29th: 8.30-12
December 30th: 8.30-12
January 1st: Closed
January 2nd: Closed
January 3rd: Closed
January 4th: Business resumes as normal

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at Tenura, and look forward to seeing you in the future!

Tenura at Rehacare 2015

Tenura is attending the Rehacare 2015 exhibition!


We are looking forward to getting this exhibition underway and answering any and all questions the general public will have for us. Tenura can be found in Hall 3 at stand 03 A70/I!

Held in Dusseldorf, Germany, Rehacare brings together many companies and speakers who have many years’ experience in the rehabilitation and mobility market. This year, we will be bringing our range of daily living aids to show visitors how useful these items can be at everyday tasks that little bit easier.

Rehacare is one of the biggest international trade fairs for rehabilitation, prevention and inclusion and care products and services. Which is why were so excited to be here. This gives us a great chance to talk to the general public and answer any questions they may have, whilst also allowing us to form strong friendships and business opportunities.

For more information on how the expos going, follow us on the Tenura Facebook and Twitter ! We will be updating these throughout the expo letting you all know how we are getting on!

Treatment for Osteoarthritis is a step closer thanks to recent research!

strip on crutch

Those who suffer from osteoarthritis deal with a great deal of pain and discomfort due to their joints becoming damaged. This is due to the cartilage in between joints becoming hard and thin and the bones becoming thicker. Eventually, the bones change shape which causes them to move position. In extreme circumstances where the cartilage completely disappears the bones rub together which causes damage and a change of shape in your joint, which is incredibly painful. However, Scientists at the University of Manchester have conducted research with stem cells which hopes to be able to treat osteoarthritis!

Research Breakthrough

The researchers at the University of Manchester implanted the cartilage stem cells into damaged cartilage on the knee joints of rats. The following 4 weeks showed that the cartilage had partially repaired, and after 12 weeks the cartilage seemed smooth and similar to normal healthy cartilage. This study showed very interesting results and so far hasn’t shown any inkling of nasty side effects that earlier stem cell research showed, e.g. tumors. This is a big step forward for research into stem cells and the treatment of osteoarthritis. Much more research will have to be done before human trials are set to go forward, this is to make sure the treatment will have no nasty side effects and test the procedure to see if it will help long term. Researchers have also said that at the moment, they are using adult stems cells which are very difficult and costly to produce, so only small-scale tests are being made. Regardless of the current problems with production, this research shows a great help for those with osteoarthritis and hopefully in the next few years will prove an effective treatment for the disease.

How does Tenura help?

Although Tenura doesn’t have the ability to cure or treat impairing diseases, we can provide a selection of independent living aids designed to make small and frequent tasks much easier. Tenura anti slip grip strips are just such an example. This material can be easily wrapped around almost any object you struggle to gain a comfortable grip on. This material will then create a strong, grip enhancing and much more comfortable surface around objects which will make it easier to pick up and use. Tenura cutlery grips offer similar help. Cutlery grips can be applied to most knives, forks and other utensils. Once applied, this product creates a large surface area which is easy to hold and will not stress the joints in your fingers, increasing grip and comfort. Products which provide assistance for those with impaired grip can be found on our website under  “Useful Aids for Arthritis Sufferers”.

You can order products direct from the Tenura website, and those who are VAT Exempt can register to buy Tenura silicone products VAT free. Free shipping is also available on all orders over £35.

Tenura Anti Slip Mats Day to Day Uses

tenura anti slip mat on tray

When cooking, there are constant dangers all around you. One of the most common injuries is when an object slips or moves suddenly when you could be cutting or hot utensils and pans, which can burn you or damage the worktop it is placed upon. Tenura anti slip mats can be placed on any dry, flat surface to create a non slip, heat proof area for chopping boards, mixing bowls and hot trays and pans. A clean and dry worktop is required for the mat to have a good bond. Once placed down, Tenura mats will create a strong non slip surface which will prevent any slips or heat damage for the objects resting upon it. Tenura table mats can also be applied to the common dinner tray, preventing unwanted movement and therefore spillages.

Tenura anti-slip mats are a great surface to rest a chopping board on, helping to prevent all movement from the chopping board, reducing accidents. Many chopping boards are still without a non slip base, increasing the risk of slips and injuries.,Tenura kitchen mats reduce the possibility of this happening. Anti-slip mats are also a great surface to use when using a mixing bowl, preventing movement which could create mess. For those who suffer from hand impairments and joint diseases, holding on to a mixing bowl or chopping board while using them can be very difficult and if unwanted movement is possible it can make the whole experience more dangerous. By having a non slip surface, more control and safety can be applied to the task in hand. Tenura anti slip mats can also be used in the cooking process, withstanding temperatures up to 250 ̊c means they are perfect for resting hot bowls, pans and plates on with no worry of heat damage. Tenura Anti slip mats will prevent the pans, bowls or plates from being easily knocked and spilling, preventing injury.


Tenura kitchen mats can also be used in a commercial environment such as a busy café, restaurant, or kitchen. Tenura anti-slip mats will provide a strong and hygienic non slip surface perfect for almost any task in the kitchen. Tenuras silicone products are anti-microbial, meaning that no dirt or bacteria can grow or harbor on them, this ensures a clean surface which can easily be washed if dirt is present. Tenura understands the levels of hygiene that need to be followed in commercial kitchens, which is why our rectangular mats are made from non-toxic materials meaning no chemicals can leach into any food being prepared on the mats surface!

Tenura anti slip mats are available in sizes of 25.5cm x 18.5cm, 35.5cm x 25.5cm and 45.5cm x 38.5cm and in the following colour options; Red, Blue and Yellow and are available to purchase direct from the website now. Free shipping is available on all order over £35 and if you are VAT exempt, you can fill out the VAT exemption form on the site.

Depression and Joint disease – How do the Two Interact?

recent survey by the University of Basel and the Ruhr-university Bochum have found a direct correlation between the amount of depression cases around the globe, and the amount of people with depression who have a degenerative joint disease such as arthritis, and more. The study was performed on 14,348 subjects aged fifteen years and older, so a broad and concise spectrum of results could be obtained.

depressed man

Roughly one third of all participants of this study who suffered from depression, also suffered from a joint disease. This is an alarming number and shows how such illnesses, diseases, and ailments can affect day to day life for those who suffer with them. This also shows how depression could have a link to developing some joint diseases like arthritis. The study suggests that depressive symptoms give people a general lack of interest in undertaking physical tasks, hobbies, or any other physical activity which may help to prevent this disease. These could range from running, playing tennis or any other physical activity that depressive symptoms can make seem pointless and give you a general lack of interest. This could lead, if the study goes into more depth at some stage, to some interesting results in how depression could be causing arthritis in some people, and it will also give insight into how miserable this disease can make you feel.

jar opener copy

Tenura was created to try and help people make day to day life that little bit easier for those who suffer from degenerative or physical impairments. Our products strive to try and create a normal as possible life for people, without them becoming sad or depressed because normal tasks have become so much harder or next to impossible. Tenura jar and bottle openers are such product designed to help around the home. Designed to fit neatly around many jar lids and bottle tops, the increased grip reduces the amount of strength and pressure required, making jars and bottles easier to open, with the silicone giving an enhanced comfort also. They can also be used on taps, door handles and other twist to open or release items. For many, this can reduce the cost, preventing the need to spend a lot of money on electronic assistance machines.

Tenura has many other grip enhancing and non-slip products which have also been created for this purpose, we aim to make as many areas of the home as disability and impairment friendly with our strong non slip mats, coasters, cutlery grips, cup caps and bathrooms products.

You can order products direct from the Tenura website, and those who are VAT Exempt can register to buy Tenura silicone products VAT free. Free shipping is also available on all orders over £35.

Tenura Anti Slip Bath and Shower Stickers; Not Just Confined to the Bathroom.

Our bath and shower stickers are perfect for slip prevention in the home, as they are cost effective and easy to apply and clean. This makes them a more than suitable alternative to bath mats, as we explain in detail in one of our previous blog posts; Anti Slip Bath Mats vs Anti Slip Bath Stickers: who’s the Winner?

They are not just confined to use in these areas alone though, as they can be just as effective for marine applications also. water-faring craft such as boats, barges and yachts can also benefit from the slip prevention that Tenura anti slip bath and shower stickers provide.

Aqua_Safe_Discs_Wet_2 copy

Marine safety is a vital aspect when travelling on the open sea, lakes or canals. Any boat on open water demands a safe area for people to work on or enjoy leisure time. Many slips and falls on boats are due to a slippery wet surface, these falls can lead to minor or quite serious injuries. One of the worst possible falls is if you fall off your boat, yacht or barge. This creates a massive object, which is moving around without any control. This can cause serious damage to your boat, the surroundings or yourself. So some form of slip prevention is always needed, many types of protection can be quite expensive, hard to apply, or very time consuming, such as abrasive paints which can take a long time to dry, especially in the British weather!

tenura anti slip bathroom and shower strips

Tenura anti slip bath and shower stickers offer a strong non slip surface without the worry of heavy duty cleaning or constant reapplication of the material. These stickers, when applied to a clean and dry surface, will create a solid slip preventative. Thanks to their construction, Tenura anti slip bath and shower stickers will provide a strong anti-slip surface in dry and wet conditions, and should last a long period of time. Tenura bath and shower stickers are also very easy to clean, their strong non slip surface has no ridges or valleys in, so will not harbour dirt. These stickers can be applied to almost any surface, and will create an effective slip prevention method. Simply clean the floor with an alcohol based cleaner, and when dry, apply the stickers ensuring efficient anti slip coverage. ( view application guides for strips and discs )

Tenura bath and shower stickers are available in strips and circles, with two colour options, white or transparent. You can order Tenura anti slip bath and shower stickers right now from our website.