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How to Use Tenura Silicone Anti Microbial Moulded Cup Holders

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Spillages are a common nuisance in day to day life, creating a mess which can take time and effort to clean up. Spills can also lead to slips and falls which can cause serious injury. Diseases like Parkinson’s and Arthritis make people very prone to spills and messes due to the effect the disease has on their movement. Luckily, Tenura has created a product which creates a strong non slip surface wherever you place your cup or mug!

Tenura silicone antimicrobial moulded cup holders work just like a regular coaster but are fitted to the bottom of a cup or mug. This allows you to create an anti slip grip wherever you need it, helping to prevent nasty spills and stains in day to day life. Hot liquids can create very unpleasant spills and messes, especially if spilt on yourself or others. Tenura cup holders can provide a firm non slip surface to help prevent this from happening, this material will also catch any small spills, preventing stains on clothing, fabrics or tables and chairs.Tenura cup holders can be applied to any cups or mug with ease, simply take your cup or mug and slip it into the seat inside the product, the silicone material will then form a strong non slip grip underneath and around the cup preventing it from moving. The material will also form a strong grip with any flat surface it is placed upon, preventing unwanted movement which could lead to the cup being knocked over.

Tenura cup holders antimicrobial properties are another benefit that makes this product so beneficial. No bacteria or dirt can grow or harbor on this material. A combination of hot water and soap is more than enough to keep this material clean and hygienic, ready for its next use. Cup holders are also made from 100% silicone and non toxic, meaning no phthalates are present in our materials, keeping you and your family safe from the damage these chemicals can cause.

Tenura Cup Caps are a great product to combine with Tenura cup holders to help prevent spills and stains when lifting and drinking from cups, cans and mugs! This product creates a strong seal over the top of most cups and mugs, preventing the liquid from spilling while allowing you to drink through a straw which can be placed through a small valve in the middle of the material. This can be done by simply stretching the material over the top of a cup, mug or can. The material will then form a strong grip with the sides of the cup/mug and stop liquid from spilling out.

Tenura cup holders can be found in Red blue and yellow colours, while cup caps can be found in packs of one 80mm and one 60mm cup cap.

You can watch our video on ‘How to Apply Tenura Moulded cup holders’ below:

By combining these two products you can minimize the chances of spills and stains while still being able to enjoy hot or cold drinks in the house or on the go! Tenura cup holders, cup caps and the rest of the Tenura range can all be found on our website.