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Tenura Anti Slip Mats – Make Meal Times Simpler!

Tenura anti slip mats are designed to make preparing and eating food a much easier task!

For those with hand or arm impairments, preparing a meal can seem like a daunting and dangerous task, keeping bowls and utensils from falling or moving can be a real struggle, and can make you feel like not bothering at all, especially if you are preparing the whole meal yourself. This can be a painful and challenging part of day to day life for those with disabilities such as arthritis, Parkinson’s, tendonitis etc., simply gripping a spoon or bowl can take an immense amount of effort. Injuries such as damaged tendons or muscle inflammation can also make this task hard or impossible, this can sometimes mean a life ruled by the disability or injury you have sustained, Tenura is constantly battling to prevent this from happening and make independent living easier, where everyday tasks are virtuallt as easy as they used to be.

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Tenura anti slip mats can be an effective solution to this problem thanks to their high grip surface. Tenura mats are a great solution for keeping bowls, utensils and chopping boards from slipping, thanks to the high grip properties of the product. This makes unintentionally moving these items much harder, which can prevent nasty injury from occurring or a massive mess which would take a lot of time to clean up. When placed on a flat surface, this material will create an effective grip, perfect for use anywhere in the home, even one handed with certain sized bowls, chopping boards plates.

These anti slip mats are also suitable to prevent plates slipping on dinner trays, this can be a big help to those with severe movement disabilities like arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. By keeping the plate still it decreases the chances of spills which could stain and ruin your carpet or sofa, or spill on to your floor, creating a slip hazard!  Tenura anti slip rectangular mats are made from non-toxic silicone, meaning they can be used in areas which require high standards of hygiene.

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These mats can make help maintain independent living, by creating an area with high levels of grip; you can effectively use kitchen machines, cutting boards mixing bowls and many other items to the best of your abilities.

Tenura anti slip mats are available in the following colours and sizes:

  • 25cmx18.5cm In red, blue and yellow
  • 35cmx25.5cm In red, blue and yellow
  • 45.5cmx38.5cm In red, blue and yellow

These mats can be utilised further, and combined with our silicone anti slip grip strips. These strips can be easily wrapped around cutlery, utensils and bowls, cups or even cupboard or fridge handles applying a great grip around them. Combining Tenura anti slip mats and grip strips together can make preparing, cooking and eating a meal a much easier and simpler task.

Tenura anti slip grips strips are available in blue at 1mx2cm, or cut to size rolls in red or blue, ranging from sizes 1m x 20cm to 9m x 40cm

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