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Tenura Daily Living Aids in the Office

Tenura Daily Living Aids in the Office

While Tenura daily living aids have been previously mentioned as really useful in domestic and clinical environments, they are not restricted to this, as they offer many different application uses in many different environments, anyone can find a use for them.

The office is one such area in which Tenura products can be utilised. In a fast-paced office environment or even a home office, Tenura daily living aids offer a quick-fire anti-slip solution to any desk, table or a situation that requires grip enhancement.

Laptops are a particularly prominent item in the workplace, as many people travel a lot during the day, so need to have the ability to take their work wherever they go. Laptops also have the only slight downside of getting hot when left on a flat, unventilated surface; this could cause damage to the surface it’s on.

Feet can also catch power leads and, while some laptops have preventive measures in place, some don’t so that urgent report could be delayed due to your laptop being knocked onto the floor. Tenura silicone rubber non slip mats and non slip fabric can prevent these, due to their anti slip qualities, which will prevent the item being dragged to the floor, and their heat resistance, will prevent the surface being possibly blemished, and in particular, with the non-slip fabric, offers a bit more ventilation.

You can essentially ‘kit out’ your whole desk with Tenura daily living aids, with a non-slip coaster for your morning cup of tea or coffee, and one to go under your vase of flowers, or a similar item of convenience on your desk.

Tenura anti-slip grip strips are also useful for people who struggle to grip pens, as wrapping a grip strip around will increase grip and comfort for the user.

Should you have a footrest under your desk, then another mat may come in handy, as not all of them have an effective anti-slip surface. Many people I know like to take their shoes off while they are sat at their desks, and the mat would insulate better, keeping your feet a lot warmer than the cold plastic of a footrest would normally.

Tenura daily living aids can be integrated effectively into a working environment, in most cases to increase efficiency and comfort in the workplace. You can explore the whole Tenura daily living aid range by viewing our products page.