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Introducing.. Childrens' Cutlery Grips

Cutlery grips are a handy addition to day-to-day life. They provide an enhanced surface area around cutlery, pens, pencils, toothbrushes and many other items, making them easier to use during daily tasks and much easier and more comfortable to hold. Tenura daily living aids are perfect for those who suffer from impairments to strength of grip as increasing the surface area reduces the amount of grip required, helping to decrease pain and strain on joints and muscles. However, these products are for adults, and their size may be cumbersome for children to use and hold.

This query presented a big problem for us as to how good are cutlery grips if they can’t cater to everybody’s needs? The solution brought us to the new product we are announcing today: Tenura children’s cutlery grips.

Tenura children’s cutlery grips are produced in the same way as our adult cutlery grips, but on a smaller scale, to be more accessible for smaller hands. Tenura children’s cutlery grips allow children who struggle with cutlery to gain a much more comfortable grip. Tenura children’s cutlery grips are 98mm in size and weigh only 45g per unit. This is a lot lighter than our adult ones to make them easier for smaller hands to handle and use. Cutlery grips are made from an antimicrobial silicone designed to be durable and easily washed, preventing the harbouring and spread of bacteria on utensils we come into contact with every day, helping to protect parents and children.

Tenura children’s cutlery grips can be applied with ease, slide the handle onto your knife, fork, pen or other small utensils, and it’s ready to go. Tenura children’s cutlery grips can be washed by hand or via dishwasher. Being dishwasher safe makes washing cutlery grips easy for big charities or organisations who see a large turnaround of people and don’t have time to clean everything by hand. You can use Tenura kid’s cutlery grips again and again whilst maintaining a good standard of hygiene.

Tenura children’s cutlery grips come in three vibrant colours; red, blue, and grey and come in packs of two. Cutlery grips can be purchased directly through our website.

All orders to the value of £50 or more will be sent free of charge within mainland UK. Should you have any questions or queries about Tenura cutlery grips, please use the contact us form on the site, we are more than happy to help.