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Mounting Devices & How Tenura Can Help!

Disabilities and impairments can affect people in many different ways. However, one of the hardest to cope with is full to near full-body paralysis, cerebral palsy, or other disabilities and impairments, which can affect anyone at any time from developmental problems or an unfortunate accident. At this point, communication with the outside world can become very difficult, and most tasks are impossible. However, innovative science and technology advances have shown how tablets and specialist software can be created and used to help these people share their voices.

An excellent example of assistive technology in use would be Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking, as we all know, was diagnosed and suffered from Motor Neurone or Lou Gehrig’s disease. This disease affects your nerves in the brain and spinal cord, making messages sent to muscles, unable to get through, leaving muscles to waste away and weaken. Without Stephen Hawking’s Intel programmed voice system, his brilliant mind would have been lost to everyone but himself, leaving him without communication.

Stephen Hawking is a very extreme situation where technology is in use to create an effective communication system, but it paints a picture of how vital it can be. Now a simple app can turn tablets, iPads, and smartphones into a learning and communication method. However, in all situations, pessimists can see the ways this could be ruined or compromised, causing damage and despair to those involved. Yes, that’s right, we are talking about the dreaded and inevitable drop of an iPad or tablet!

Unfortunately, no one is safe from this event. It is one of terror and shock when you see your beloved smart device heading for the floor. Unfortunately, for those who are physically disabled, this may mean they are without an effective communication or entertainment method for some time, leaving them very much isolated. Through some brainstorming in our offices and working in the disability aids market, we think we have a brilliant idea to help prevent this from happening.

TE_Clear_WashingTenura Extreme grip mats are a high-tack PU (polyurethane), preventing all movement from objects resting on its surface. We have seen this material used in motor homes, caravans, cars and even in clinical trials to prevent beakers and glasses from moving around or spilling. We believe that Tenura Extreme, if applied to tablets, smartphones or brackets, will create a significant hold, helping to stop potential falls by providing a solid grip. Extreme grip mats have been tried and tested to stop bowls and plates from moving at very steep angles and leave no residue upon removal. Tenura Extreme mats can also be washed with ease and will regain its tacky surface once dry, allowing the use of Tenura Extreme grip again and again.

We do not recommend applying your phone or tablet directly to a Tenura Extreme grip mat. Tenura Extreme grip mat’s drawback is the same as its benefit, its high-tack, grip-enhancing surface. We recommend applying a case to the Tenura Extreme surface to apply your phone or tablet on to, preventing damage of your expensive devices when removed.

Tenura_Extreme_New_1Tenura Extreme mats are available in green or transparent colours. These colour options allow you to create a high-tack surface without detracting from the aesthetics of the surface you have placed it on, or as an easily visible marking solution thanks to its vibrant green colour. Tenura Extreme grip mats are an ideal solution to preventing all movement from objects in the home, on the go, or in a workplace.

Tenura Extreme grip mats can be purchased directly through our website. Spend £50 on our site, and we will ship your order free of charge.