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Tenura Circular Coasters

Blue_Circular_Coaster_1Spills and stains in day to day life are a constant annoyance and very easy to cause. They can lead to burns from hot food or liquids or create deep stains in furniture and fabrics, which can be very hard to remove. Unfortunately, for those with grip impairing diseases and injuries like Arthritis, the chance of injuries and spills and stains from knocking or dropping items is significantly increased. Not only will this be an inconvenience to try and clean, but it can be a tiring or uncomfortable task. Tenura anti slip circular coasters will help to decrease the risk of slips and spills by providing a stable non-slip surface to rest cups, mugs and more.

Coaster_19_RedTenura anti-slip circular coasters are made from a strong silicone material, which is durable, and high quality. Tenura coasters are antimicrobial, preventing germs, dirt, and bacteria from harbouring on its surface. Being antimicrobial means Tenura anti-slip circular work effectively in areas such as care homes, schools, hospitals, in the home and many other areas to help prevent accidents and injury. Tenura anti slip circular coasters help to prevent spills and stains by forming a strong, non-slip grip with any surface and any objects resting on top of them. This material has adhesive properties, helping to stop the material from moving freely. It creates many possibilities for the circular coasters; use as a mat, coaster, or non-slip surface depending on your requirements. Once removed, Tenura coasters will leave behind no residue so will leave no marks

Tenura anti slip circular coasters are part of our kitchen pack combination of daily living aids. Tenura products, by design, help with every aspect of the daily tasks people undergo by providing a strong, large non-slip surface. The anti-slip coaster is accompanied by a jar and bottle opener to allow jars and containers to be twisted open and closed quickly without pain or discomfort. With high-temperature resistance (dishwasher friendly and autoclave safe up to 250°C), Tenura coasters are perfect for resting chopping boards, mixing bowls and hot pans, and plates on.

car_phone_updatedTenura also offers other types of non-slip coasters to help in daily life. Tenura moulded cup holders can be attached to the bottom of cups and mugs to provide a stable non-slip surface on the go or around the home. They can be detached, washed, and re-applied at your convenience. Tenura anti-slip square coasters come in a pack of 4, designed to help prevent spills and stains from glasses, cups, mugs and cans by creating a strong non-slip grip with the surface they have been applied to, allowing little to no movement from any object resting on its surface.

Tenura anti slip circular coasters are available in sizes of 14cm and 19cm, with colour options of red, blue, or yellow.

For more information, or to purchase Tenura anti slip circular coasters, please visit our anti-slip coasters page, or speak to us on the phone. Alternatively, complete the contact us form and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.