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Tenura Kitchen Packs Now Available

Tenura's range of independent living aids has been helping to make daily tasks easier for a long period, however, we now offer a special combination of our daily living aids that will provide a great solution to grip problems whether at home or work! Tenura Kitchen Packs are a combination of three of our silicone products, designed to provide a high-quality non slip and grip enhancing surface and a safe way to open bottles, jars and containers. Kitchen packs include a jar opener, bottle opener and a 19cm silicone anti slip circular coaster. This combination can make daily tasks easier and relieve strain on muscles and joints.

kitchen-pack-out-of-packaging-copyWork in the kitchen whether professional or not is hard work. From preparing the food to chopping, mixing and mashing, it can be a real exercise to create a decent meal for yourself or others. For those who suffer from arthritis, this can be even more of a task. Arthritis can make small tasks such as this very painful and strenuous on the muscles and joints in your hand and arms, meaning a simple task can take a great deal of effort to accomplish. Simple tasks like opening and closing bottles and containers can be a real struggle for those with physical impairments as they cannot form a strong enough grip to open containers with twist tops easily.

Tenura jar openers create a strong grip around jar lids and tops, making them easier to twist and open. This product is ideal for arthritis sufferers as it will take away the need for a large amount of force to grip the lid or top and instead allow you to twist it open smoothly. Tenura jar openers have a strong, non-toxic silicone construction and can be washed with ease, allowing them to be used in high hygiene areas.

Tenura bottle openers offer the same grip enhancing properties but in a smaller format to help open smaller twist tops, amongst other things. Bottle openers are designed to fit around bottles, medicine containers, taps and many other items, making them easier and more comfortable to open! Like Tenura jar openers, bottle openers are also non-toxic and completely phthalate free.

roundcoaster_yellow_updateThe last product in this combination of daily living aids is the Tenura Silicone anti slip circular coasters. Tenura circular coasters offer a non-slip surface that can be used as a mat or a coaster thanks to its size and shape. Like many other Tenura mats and coasters, this material will adhere to a clean, dry surface without additional adhesive instantly, forming a strong non slip grip that will help prevent unwanted movement from objects that rest on the material. This provides an excellent surface for placing a chopping board, mixing bowl, or due to it’s high temperature resistance, hot pans and plates also, preventing unwanted movement that could lead to spills, stains and potential injuries. This combination creates the perfect range of aids to help with every aspect of cooking, preparing food and other daily tasks, making them easier and more comfortable.


All items in the kitchen pack can also be bought separately. However, buying them together will give you a small cost saving, as well as acquiring a group of products in one convenient pack that will help you overcome grip problems at home or in the workplace. Tenura kitchen packs consist of:


Tenura Kitchen packs have been created to offer a complete package for use in the kitchen, or around the home or workplace, and can be purchased on our website. Make sure to contact us with any questions regarding these products and the rest of the Tenura range..