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How to Use Tenura Cutlery Grips

Adult Cutlery Grips Used by Woman EatingIn daily life, preparing and eating food is a necessity. It should be as easy as possible and be a pleasant experience. Unfortunately for those suffering from diseases like Arthritis and Parkinson's, preparing a meal can be a painful and stressful process. Using any utensils like toothbrushes, pens, and many other items can be a struggle. Thankfully, Tenura has created cutlery grips to help in situations just like this!

Tenura cutlery grips create an enlarged surface area around small objects that are hard to use and hold. Cutlery grips have two slits in the middle of the material, allowing the objects to sit in without leaving space for movement, making using these utensils a more comfortable experience.

Tenura silicone has many benefits, including being non-toxic, antimicrobial, and easy to wash (dishwasher safe). In our blog, we are going to uncover advantageous ways you can put your Tenura cutlery grips to use.

Using Cutlery Grips for Dining and Food Preparation

Adults Cutlery Grip Eating Aid Holding ForkFood preparation can be hard for those who suffer from impairments to strength of grip, from pain to struggling to hold implements sufficiently. It can become a challenge very quickly instead of a day to day task. Tenura cutlery grips can increase the surface area of the object and make it easier to grip and hold. This makes preparing food easier, less painful, and safer. Cutlery grips can be washed with ease. An application of soap and hot water will be enough to guarantee a good level of hygiene and make them ready to use again and again!

After you have slaved away in the kitchen comes the best part of the process, the eating of the food. This process should be enjoyable after you have worked hard to prepare a meal. But for those with hand impairments or impairing diseases, the eating of the food can be very difficult. Items like knives and forks can be challenging to hold and use effectively. Tenura cutlery grips can make knives, forks, and spoons much easier to use and less painful.

Slip utensils into Tenura cutlery grips. The now increased handle size of your knife and fork helps to stabilise your hands, allowing you to stay in control of the movement. Cutlery grips are 100% silicone in structure, providing a comfortable, helpful eating aid.

Using Cutlery Grips with Pens & Pencils

Adults Cutlery Grip Writing Aid Holding PenWriting is an essential skill that is needed almost all the time. From a very young age, most of us learn the skill of writing. Unfortunately, as you age, diseases and accidents can sometimes impair your ability to do this. Arthritis can make precise movements with your hand painful and hard to do. Thankfully, Tenura cutlery grips can provide a grip-enhanced surface area around pens and pencils, making them easier to hold. Cutlery grips relieve some of the pain involved when trying to hold the pen or pencil tightly enough to use effectively. Tenura cutlery grips help to make writing easier and more comfortable and maintaining an important skill.


Using Cutlery Grips with Tooth Brushes

Adults Cutlery Grip Writing Aid Holding PenBrushing your teeth is a vital part of day-to-day life. Without clean teeth, tooth decay is inevitable, which can lead to painful toothache and expensive surgery to get it corrected. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth requires a certain level of precision and pressure. These two things can be tough for those who have arthritis and other impairments.

Effectively using and holding a toothbrush can also be a very difficult experience. Cutlery grips can be applied to any standard toothbrush with ease, allowing you to manoeuvre the toothbrush around your mouth and grip the brush easier. Cutlery grips decrease the chance of injury to gums and teeth that could happen without their support, which makes this important daily task much easier to accomplish.

Cutlery grips are a great eating aid. Cutlery grips allow tasks that need you to grip and use small items in much more comfort. For more information regarding Tenura cutlery grips, please visit the website.

Tenura cutlery grips are also available in an ergonomically designed version for children, aptly named Children's cutlery grips.