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Rubber Bath Toys A Haven for Bacteria

rubber-duck-in-bathSwiss and American researchers recently released a study stating that bath-time toys, rubber ducks predominantly in this case, become a haven for disease-spreading bacteria.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, ETH Zurich and the University of Illinois, counted the microbes found in the murky, stagnant water that resided in some of these bath-time toys. In 4 out of the 5 toys studied, they found that the water squeezed out of them contained “potentially pathogenic bacteria” such as Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Bacterium which is “often implicated in hospital-acquired infection”.

While differences have been found in others, many bath-toys have produced similar results and the reason is down to the material. The plastic materials, with low-quality polymers in them, release carbons that can serve as food for the bacteria. While some of the bacteria is present in the water, bodily fluids, various contaminants and soap are also added. The additional components add microbes and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous and when the bacteria are introduced to this balmy brine and the carbon released from the bath-toys material it creates a formula that produces a haven for bacteria to grow and thrive, so much, so there was a strikingly high number recorded. Up to 75 million cells per square centimetre of a variety of bacteria and fungus. The research had lead to the conclusion that without the carbon produced from the low-quality polymers in the material, this number would have been much less dramatic.

The presence of bacteria is important for the development of a child’s immune system, but too much can lead to infections. The increase of which can be avoided by better quality bath toys that feature higher quality polymers thus preventing the growth and fungus and bacteria.

Tenura Antimicrobial Daily Living Aids

With Tenura for the most part being hand held daily living aids intended for use around food and drink, we too faced similar issues in making sure our products did not subject our users to these risks as well as others.

Initially creating our daily living aids from a non-toxic material, silicone, we removed the need for phthalates to be used in our products to make them pliable enough for their purpose. Phthalates have been used in similar products. It helps to soften cheaper materials to give them a more rubber like finish. The problem with phthalates, is that they are toxic and exposure to them can have long term detrimental health effects. This has resulted in them being banned or restricted in parts of Europe and the USA.

To help combat bacteria the only additive we used is an anti-microbial powder, added during the manufacturing process which prevents the build-up of bacteria and protecting against mould and fungi. This solitary additive is intended to help protect our customers, as well as add value through longevity to our daily living aids.

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Tenura Antimicrobial Cupcaps Now Available

tenura antimicrobial cupcaps

There is a new addition to our line of products on the website; Tenura Cupcaps are useful for people with muscle tremors or an unsteady grip to be able to use cups and glasses without spillages. This self-sealing cap will stretch to fit over the top of a cup, glass or beaker of your choice, with a purpose made eyelet to allow a straw to enter for drinking. This will prevent spills even if the cup or glass is knocked over, as a result protecting carpets, clothes and furnishings.

Tenura Cupcaps are made from our 100% non-toxic, durable, antimicrobial silicone, ensuring they are completely safe for the user, and dishwasher friendly.

Tenura Cup Caps can also help with the preservation of freshness for longer than an uncovered drink, slowing down the effects of external temperatures to keep it cooler, for longer. Furthermore, they help to keep dust and other contaminants out.

This product is useful for both domestic and clinical use and available for sale in a pack of two cup caps, one measuring 80mm and the other 60mm in diameter.

Visit the page to purchase or alternatively contact us for more information.