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Occupational Therapists, Tenura Daily Living Aids and More Updates

Beings as we haven’t made a blog post in an age, I thought I would delve deep into the recesses of my brain to bring you some updates regarding what has been going on behind the scenes.

As mentioned in out last blog post; Working with OT’s for Innovation in Daily Living Aids, we have been working alongside various occupational therapists to get an outside perspective on current and future products to ensure that our target audience are getting a product that would efficiently assist them in day to day life, and, as we’ve discovered, more! More updates to this will be forthcoming in future blog posts, but I can assure you, there has been some excellent discoveries through use of Tenura daily living aids that you will be able to try in your own home or occupational therapy centre.

You all may have been wondering where our next line of products are. I can assure you that they are on their way, but I must remain tight lipped on them, as I am not the one who calls the shots on when they are announced ( you must ask the organ grinders for that ). When they are announced to the public, you will certainly hear about them, and not just from us either, there are a few outside-professionals already in the know, due to tests and feedback to help us develop them. We are very happy with them, and should be an astounding evolution in daily living aids.

Is there anything you are hoping to see in the future of low-tech, daily living aids? Please email or call us if you have any ideas.