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Tenura grip Strips and rolls; help make daily tasks simple again

During everyday life, many people struggle along each day with previously simple tasks. Disabilities and current injuries can make movement and grip much more of a difficult task. Opening doors, using handles, or trying to grip a mug can all be a task without the strength of grip to help. Tenura daily living aids can help users avoid distress in their day to day lives.

For example, by using Tenura silicone grip strips and rolls, these tasks can become that little bit easier. Tenura anti-slip grip strips and rolls are made from silicone. This means they are very flexible and hardwearing. Traits which make this material perfect for providing a strong grip, by wrapping this silicone grip roll around an object or handle, you have instantly improved the grip you will have between you and the object, this makes moving the object around or using it much easier.

Anti Slip Grip Roll Red

When Tenura anti-slip strips are wrapped around a handle, grip strips offer a strong grip between the silicone and your hand, which means it shouldn’t fall or come away from the handle, Tenura grip strips will sit there comfortably until you choose to remove it. Although we suggest using Tenura anti-slip grip strips and rolls around handles and utensils, there is a large number of objects which this can be applied to, for example, anti-slip grip strips work great on a smooth bike handle, giving you a large amount of extra grip. Anti-slip grip roll can also be used to line objects where your arms or legs may rest to prevent slips and slides, like on the footrest of a wheelchair, or on the handle of a crutch.

Tenura anti-slip grip rolls offer a DIY alternative to Tenura stock daily living aid solutions, this allows you to make a selection of different shapes and sizes, perfect for any job you may need it for! Tenura grip rolls and strips are also very easy to clean, simple soap and water is enough to clean all dirt away from its surface. Then when dry again, it possesses the same level of grip it had when first used, allowing cleanliness in places you may need it. Non-slip roll is easily wrapped around small or large areas and will hold firm until taken off by the user, this makes the grip strips and rolls perfect for using with cutlery, utensils, and many other objects which people with hand impairments may struggle using.Tenura Anti Slip Grip Strips on Pan handle

Tenura offers an adhesive and non-adhesive version of anti-slip grip roll. If you want a permanent non-slip surface, cut Tenura adhesive roll down to size, remove the backing and place in the desired area. A brilliant example of this would be cutlery draws. Cutlery is held in place by the grip properties of Tenura non-slip roll. Tenura non-adhesive roll is fantastic for areas you wish to add non-slip properties for a limited amount of time.

Tenura anti-slip grip rolls are available in blue and red with sizes ranging from 1m x 20cm to 9m x 40cm. Anti-slip grip strips can be found in 1m x 2cm in blue only.

By using Tenura daily living aids like anti-slip grip strips and rolls, you can be sure that previously simple day to day tasks are now possible, or no longer need the same amount of hard work to complete.

Tenura Aqua Safe Anti Slip Strips and Discs; Versatility in Application

One of our most popular products in the Tenura range is the Anti –Slip Aqua Safe bath strips and discs. These products are a very simple, very subtle and a very effective solution for helping the prevention of slips and falls in baths, showers and wet rooms. The surface of the product is designed to have exceptional grip when the product is wet but also to not be too abrasive on bare skin and cause skin irritation. The design also makes the product very easy to clean and will not harbor bacteria. This makes them far more effective than rubber bath mats.

One thing I would like to touch on in this Blog is the correct application method for applying the Aqua Safe stickers, due to questions raised by customers, on a weekly basis.

The adhesive sticker on the back of the product will only stick to a completely dry surface. Otherwise the stickers will peel up after a couple of rinses. We suggest wiping the shower surface down with an alcohol based cleaner to remove any moisture or residue that may be on the bottom of the tray. We only recommend alcohol based cleaners, as using cream based cleaners leave a residue which will contaminate the adhesive, causing it to fail.

If they applied correctly the Strips or Discs are guaranteed for up to 5 years.  There is no set way to apply the stickers but you can download our suggested application template for the Aqua Safe stickers from these links:

A couple months ago we provided sample packs of Tenura products to different Occupational Therapists around the country. We wanted to get an honest opinion of our products from professionals. The feedback we received has been great and a lot of the Occupational Therapists who received sample packs and have spoken to at exhibitions now recommend Tenura products to their clients.

Recently we have received photographs from the Merlin Centre in Cornwall. Their experts provide a range of care, support and therapies to improve the lives of people with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions. Not only do they help the individuals effected, but they help their families and the people who care for them too.

The people there have been finding new ways to use Tenura at the day centre. One of the exercises they have been doing helps rehabilitate people to allow them to walk freely again. This has included the application of our Aqua Safe, anti slip stickers on a wooden walk way. This not only aids grip, but assists with co-ordination too, as the contrast of the white stickers on brown wooden flooring makes a clear visual target for people to place their feet.

Tenura Aqua Safe Anti Slip Stickers used in occupational therapy

This is not the only exercise being implemented at the Merlin Centre that features Tenura products, but we hope to embellish on those in another blog post.

If you have any interesting ways of using our bathroom stickers, aside from their intended use, please let us know, we would love to hear from you.