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Low Tech, Low Cost Daily Living Aids

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Assistive technology comes in many forms, to machines made of metal and wires, to small household items made from plastic and rubber. In this post, we shall refer to the latter.

Low tech daily living aids will not always eradicate a problem, needing to mention that not even all high-tech aids will, but they can go a long way towards helping the user live an independent life, at the very least dramatically lessening the impact of the condition, vastly improving the users outlook.

Low tech daily living aids are more apparent in the household and clinical areas, mainly due to their low cost, but also their simplicity can make for easy storage and use, plus, there are no complications, little to no assembly, no need for repair, as it is simply more cost effective to replace one rather than waste time trying to repair one, should that factor ever even come in to it.

With all this in mind, low tech daily living aids do still need consideration, making sure they are suitable for the users needs, what are other users experiences with similar products and contact them if need be. Not all daily living aids will work the same, some will work better than others, making sure up front will save you time in the long run.

VAT exemption is available on some products too, so if you are VAT exempt registered, see if it is available to you from the vendor first.