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Tenura @ Naidex National, Birmingham NEC, 30th April – 2nd May.

Naidex National Birmingham

We are exhibiting at Naidex National again this year, and we’re really looking forward to seeing all the great products and innovations, meeting many great people, and making many new connections.

Naidex National is the largest disability, rehabilitation and homecare event in the UK, with over 300 exhibitors, enabling them, and the many visitors it brings, to trade and meet all in one, very large complex. Events such as this help innovate many products and services, building a brighter future for many, many people.

Tenura will be exhibiting from start to finish, bringing with us our new and present range of products, with friendly advice for anyone who comes looking for it. We hope to be able to give and take experience to help ourselves and others to come up with more ideas, allowing us to innovate our range of daily living aids, and hopefully give other people fresh perspectives on their ideas and products.

We will be live on the social networks, updating visitors and exhibitors to keep up to date with where we are, what we’ve seen and who we’ve met.

Follow and join us if you haven’t already, to help keep you up to date. You never know, you may get to meet some of the gang!

We will bring more details such as stand number, nearer the time.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

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Low Tech, Low Cost Daily Living Aids

Tenura Yellow Rubber Jar Opener

Assistive technology comes in many forms, from machines made of metal and wires, to small household items made from plastic and rubber. In this post, we shall refer to the latter, also known as daily living aids.

Low tech daily living aids as assistive technology will not always eradicate a problem, but they can go a long way towards helping the user live an independent life. Daily living aids can dramatically lessen the impact of the condition therefore, vastly improving the user's outlook and in turn their wellbeing. Having daily living aids in the home of someone who requires additional help can give confidence both to the resident and relatives.

Low tech daily living aids are more apparent in households and clinical areas, mainly due to their low cost, but also their simplicity can make for easy storage and use. Plus, there are no complications, little to no assembly, no need for repair. It is simply more cost-effective to replace one rather than waste time trying to repair one, should that factor ever even come into it.

Tenura daily living aids have their place and help to make small daily tasks easier. Low tech daily living aids need consideration, making sure they are suitable for the user's needs. Find out about other users experiences with similar products by reading reviews or contact them and ask directly. Not all daily living aids will work the same in the long run as the quality could be lacking. However, here at Tenura, we use high-quality silicone to make sure our daily living aids are durable and non-toxic.

VAT exemption is available on some Tenura daily living aids, so if you are VAT exempt registered, see if it is available to you from the vendor first. If you are unsure about VAT exemption please read our article.

Explore our range of daily living aids, there may be a Tenura daily living aid that could help assist you or a loved one.