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How to Use Tenura CupCaps

Tenura CupCap Can Drinks Cover on CanSpills and stains are something everyone hates and are potentially dangerous for those who don't know they are there. Liquids on any smooth or shiny surface can quickly create a hazard and can lead to serious slip and fall injuries. Hot liquids are also a concern, as spilling them on yourself or another person can cause burns.

Unfortunately for those who suffer from Arthritis, Parkinson's, and other impairments and diseases similar, spills can often happen and can be very tiring to clean up. Tenura CupCaps are drink covers that help to prevent such spills and stains thanks to the complete seal over the top of cups, mugs, and cans.

Tenura CupCaps are silicone drink covers that come in a pack of two, one measuring 80mm in diameter and the other 60mm—allowing you to create a seal over almost any drinks container.

CupCaps can be placed over most cups, mugs and glasses to create a complete seal over the top, preventing liquid from spilling out of the container. This will stop spills and stains dead in their tracks and allow you to drink from a container without the aforementioned spills.

80mm Tenura CupCaps can be stretched and moulded over almost any cup or glass for cold or hot drinks, allowing you to use this item in the house or on the go. A small eyelet in the middle of the material will allow a straw to be placed. This will let you drink from the container without the chance of a spill. CupCaps can also be used to keep drinks fresher for longer. The silicone-covered drinks container protects from debris, making CupCaps superb drink covers for the outdoors.

Tenura silicone CupCaps are anti-microbial, meaning no bacteria or fungi can grow or live on the material. A simple application of soap and water is enough to keep Tenura cup caps clean and hygienic (CupCaps are dishwasher safe). Tenura CupCaps can be especially useful for small children, as cups and mugs can be dropped or knocked over easily.

Tenura CupCap Drinks Cover on CupCans are a great way to get a drink on the go, perfect for a quick lunchtime at work. However, a spill with most fizzy drinks can cause untold damage to a work environment, creating a sticky mess on your desk, or all over your equipment. This can happen a lot for those who suffer from diseases like Parkinson's or those who suffer from hand and arm impairment. Luckily, Tenura can offer a solution, an exceptional can drinks cover, the Tenura CupCap! 

The 60mm cup cap is a drinks cover that is suitable for smaller drinks containers than its counterpart and will provide a strong seal, helping to prevent spills and stains and keep your drink fresher for longer. The eyelet in the middle of the CupCap allows for the insertion of a straw. Drink from the can without the possibility of spillages.

CupCaps can be applied around cans easily and will stretch to conform to the shape of the can. Stretch the drink cover around the can, making sure the silicone is sealed around the rim of the can, then smooth down the edges of the cup cap to the sides of the can. Tenura CupCaps can be removed just as easily before recycling the empty can.

Self-sealing CupCaps provide a drinks cover that is a strong sealed surface, which will prevent liquids from spilling and staining, making day to day life easier for those with physical impairments and keeping the environment around them much safer for everyone and themselves. To find out more about Tenura CupCaps, please visit the website.

Treatment for Osteoarthritis is a step closer thanks to recent research!

Crutch handle wrapped with Grip Strips

Those who suffer from Osteoarthritis have to cope with a great deal of pain and discomfort due to their joints becoming damaged. The cartilage between joints becomes hard and thin, and bones become thicker. Eventually, the bones change shape, which causes them to move position. In extreme circumstances where the cartilage completely disappears, the bones rub together, which causes damage and a change of shape in your joint, which is incredibly painful. However, Scientists at the University of Manchester have researched stem cells, with hopes to be able to treat Osteoarthritis!

Research Breakthrough

The researchers at the University of Manchester implanted the cartilage stem cells into damaged cartilage on the knee joints of rats. The following four weeks showed that the cartilage had partially repaired, and after 12 weeks, the cartilage seemed smooth and similar to normal healthy cartilage. This study showed very interesting results and so far, hasn’t shown any inkling of nasty side effects that earlier stem cell research showed, e.g. tumours. This is a big step forward for research into stem cells and the treatment of Osteoarthritis. Much more research will have to be done before human trials are set to go forward, this is to make sure the treatment will have no nasty side effects and test the procedure to see if it will help long term. Researchers have also said that at the moment, they are using adult stems cells, which are very difficult and costly to produce, so only small-scale tests are being made. Regardless of the current problems with production, this research shows a great help for those with Osteoarthritis and, hopefully, in the next few years, will prove an effective treatment for the disease.

How can Tenura help?

Although Tenura doesn’t have the ability to cure or treat impairing diseases, we can provide a selection of independent living aids designed to make small and frequent tasks much easier. Here are some Tenura disability aids that are useful to those with Arthritis:

Tenura anti-slip grip strips are just such an example. Anti-slip grip strips are made from 100% silicone. Therefore, they can be easily wrapped around almost any object you struggle to gain a comfortable grip. Tenura silicone creates a strong, grip-enhancing, and much more comfortable surface around objects, which will make it easier to pick up and use.

Tenura cutlery grips offer similar help. Cutlery grips can be applied to most knives, forks, and other utensils. Once applied, Tenura cutlery grips create a large surface area that is easy to hold and will not stress the joints in your fingers, increasing grip and comfort.

Both Tenura anti-slip grips strips and cutlery grips are non-toxic and antimicrobial, so are safe to use around the home and in areas that require a high level of hygiene, for instance, medical practices. The silicone is easy to wash (dishwasher safe).

Daily living aids provide assistance for those with arthritis and an impaired grip. Tenura has many helpful blogs on disability aids on our website under  Blogs - > Arthritis Aids.

You can order disability aids direct from the Tenura website, and those who are VAT Exempt can register to buy Tenura products VAT free. Free shipping is also available on all orders over £50.