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Tenura Anti Slip Bath and Shower Stickers; Not Just For the Bathroom

Tenura bath and shower stickers are perfect for slip prevention in the home, as they are cost-effective, easy to apply, and easy to clean. These features make non-slip bath stickers a more than suitable alternative to bath mats, as we explain in detail in one of our previous blog posts: “Anti Slip Bath Mats vs Anti Slip Bath Stickers: who’s the Winner?”.

Non-slip bath stickers are not just confined to use in a bathroom. They can be just as useful for marine applications. Water-faring craft such as boats, barges, and yachts can also benefit from the slip prevention that Tenura anti slip bath stickers provide.

Aqua Safe Anti Slip Bathroom Stickers - Discs - Wet

Marine safety is a vital aspect when travelling on the open sea, lakes, or canals. Any boat on open water demands a safe area for people to work or enjoy leisure time. Many slips and falls on boats are due to a slippery wet surface. Slip and fall accidents on water-faring craft can be minor to severe, and could potentially result in you falling overboard. Not only will this put you in further danger, but a water-vessel out of control could result in a collision, potentially causing damage to other property and people.

Many types of slip prevention can be quite expensive, hard to apply, or very time consuming, such as abrasive paints, which can take a long time to dry, especially in the British weather!

Tenura Anti Slip Bathroom and Shower Sticker Strips

Tenura anti slip bath and shower stickers offer a non-slip surface without the worry of heavy-duty cleaning or constant reapplication of the material. Non-slip stickers, when applied to a clean and dry surface, provide excellent slip prevention.

Thanks to the construction, Tenura anti-slip shower stickers will provide an excellent anti-slip surface in dry and wet conditions, and should last a long time. Tenura shower stickers are also straightforward to clean, the shower stickers durable non-slip surface is non-abrasive (embossed surface with no peaks or valleys), so will not harbour dirt or damage cleaning equipment. These stickers can be applied to almost any surface and will create an effective slip prevention method. Clean the floor with an alcohol-based cleaner (We recommend IPA cleaner), and when dry, apply the anti-slip stickers ensuring adequate non-slip coverage. Read our blog: “Clean & Prepare your Bath with IPA for Anti-Slip Bath Stickers” to find the best preparation and application methods.

Tenura non-slip bath and shower stickers are available in strips and circles, with two colour options, white or transparent. You can order Tenura anti slip bath and shower stickers right now from our website.

Please note that if you are looking into purchasing Tenura anti slip bath stickers for large surface areas, you should contact us via phone to discuss pricing and quantity. A single roll of anti-slip bath stickers will not provide adequate slip prevention.