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The Different Types of Jar Openers on the Market

Opening a stubborn jar can be a daily frustration for many, turning a simple task into an ordeal, especially for those who rely on disability aids. Whether it's a jar of pickles, pasta sauce, or any tightly sealed container, the struggle to gain access is real. Fortunately, there are various types of jar openers on the market designed to alleviate this common annoyance. In this article, we'll delve into the different types of disability aids, particularly jar openers, and shine a spotlight on Tenura's silicone jar openers as the ultimate solution.

Types of Jar Openers:  pexels-baryslau-shoot-15209694 (1)

Manual Jar Openers

Manual jar openers are the traditional go-to for many who use disability aids. They usually consist of a handheld device with adjustable teeth that grip the lid. While these openers can be effective, they require a fair amount of physical effort, which can pose a challenge for those with limited hand strength or dexterity, making disability aids like Tenura's jar openers a preferable choice.

Electric Jar Openers

Electric jar openers represent a significant leap in automation and are highly regarded as disability aids. These devices automatically twist the lid open with the push of a button. While they are convenient, they tend to be bulky and can be costly, making Tenura's silicone jar openers an accessible alternative.

Grip Mats

Grip mats are non-slip pads that can be placed under a jar to prevent it from moving while you twist the lid. While they can be effective for smaller jars, they may not provide sufficient leverage for stubborn or larger lids, making Tenura's jar openers, designed as disability aids, a more comprehensive solution.

Silicone Jar Openers by Tenura - A Versatile Disability Aid:

Now, let's focus on Tenura's silicone jar openers, a game-changer in the world of kitchen disability aids. These openers are not just another gadget; they are a testament to simplicity, effectiveness, and accessibility for those who rely on disability aids.

Tenura's silicone jar openers are crafted from high-quality, food-grade silicone. What sets them apart is their remarkable non-slip properties. The silicone material grips tightly to both the jar lid and your hand, providing the necessary traction to effortlessly twist the lid open. This feature is particularly advantageous for those with limited hand strength due to aging, arthritis, or other disabilities, making Tenura's jar openers a reliable choice among disability aids.

Versatile Applications Beyond Jars:

Tenura's silicone jar openers, renowned for their effectiveness in opening stubborn jar lids, offer versatile applications throughout daily life. These non-slip wonders can enhance independence by providing a secure grip on various surfaces. Use them on taps and faucets, making water control easier; wrap them around door knobs for improved accessibility; open medication bottles with ease; loosen tight caps on household items; secure cookware and utensil handles; and even enhance grip on exercise equipment during therapy or workouts. Tenura's silicone jar openers are more than just kitchen aids; they're versatile companions for conquering daily challenges and promoting self-reliance in various aspects of life.

Independence for the Elderly and Disabled Individuals:

Maintaining an independent lifestyle is a cherished goal, especially as we age or face mobility challenges due to disabilities. Simple tasks like opening a jar can become major obstacles. Tenura's silicone jar openers empower the elderly and disabled individuals to conquer these challenges and continue enjoying the autonomy they desire. With the non-slip grip, they can confidently open jars without assistance, preserving their self-reliance and dignity through the use of disability aids.

A Boon for Arthritis Sufferers and Occupational Therapists:

Arthritis can make everyday tasks painful and frustrating. The grip and twist required to open jars can exacerbate joint pain. Tenura's silicone jar openers offer a gentle yet secure grip, reducing the strain on arthritic hands. They are a welcome relief for individuals battling this condition or those undergoing occupational therapy, making it easier to access essential foods and maintain a balanced diet, thanks to these disability aids.

What is the Best Jar Opener for Seniors and Disabled Individuals?

Tenura's silicone jar openers have earned acclaim as the best disability aids for seniors and disabled individuals. Their non-slip grip and user-friendly design make them an ideal choice for those with limited hand strength, dexterity, or mobility issues. These openers provide a newfound sense of independence and convenience, allowing seniors to maintain their autonomy and making daily tasks much easier for disabled individuals who rely on disability aids.

In conclusion, the frustration of wrestling with a stubborn jar lid is a universal experience, especially for those who need disability aids. However, it doesn't have to be a daily annoyance. Tenura's silicone jar openers offer a simple, affordable, and effective solution as disability aids. They benefit the elderly and disabled individuals by promoting independence, providing relief for arthritis sufferers, and serving as a valuable resource for occupational therapists. With Tenura, the lid to convenience is always within reach, making these jar openers an essential part of disability aids. Say goodbye to jar-opening woes and hello to hassle-free access to your favourite treats.

Clean & Prepare your Bath with IPA for Anti-Slip Bath Stickers

Cleaning a surface with IPA cleaner before applying Tenura bathroom stickers is the correct procedure to ensure long-lasting performance. Using our experience and knowledge gained from working within the industry since 1997, we have invaluable information to pass down to our loyal customer base, yes, that's right, you! In this blog post, we explain why IPA cleaner is essential when applying Tenura bath stickers.

What is IPA cleaner?

IPA cleaning solution for anti slip bath preparationIPA cleaner, also known as Isopropyl Alcohol, is a disinfectant cleaner often used in medical environments. In our industry, we use it to remove grease and dirt from a surface before application. There are two variants, 70% and 99% IPA. Both are suitable for the application of Tenura non slip bath stickers.

Each has its uses; for instance, 99% IPA is fantastic for cleansing electronics due to its higher volume of alcohol, which evaporates quickly, avoiding damage to water sensitive components. 70% IPA cleaner contains 30% water. Research suggests that it is a better disinfectant, which is based upon the fact that water is a catalyst (accelerator) in this equation, the additional 29% water means the solution evaporates at a slower rate. Due to this, the solution remains on the surface for longer, destroying the growth of microorganisms.

How does IPA cleaner work?

IPA cleaner dissolves acids from the surface and with usual cleaning methods can remove contaminants such as dirt, grease and oil. These contaminants prevent anti slip bathroom stickers adhering to surfaces, in this case, bathtubs or shower trays.

Why use IPA cleaner?

Many people use cream-based cleaners to clean their bathtubs or shower trays. The main reason for non-slip bathroom stickers failing is the use of cream-based cleaners before application. Cream-based cleaners often leave a powdery residue, which prevents the bathroom stickers adhesive from effectively bonding to the surface, causing them to fail. Using IPA cleaner correctly removes all contaminants from a surface, allowing the adhesive to achieve a strong bond. This is why IPA cleaner is the perfect choice for use in the application of anti-slip bath stickers.

Where can I buy IPA cleaner for bath sticker application?

There are many online shops where you can order IPA cleaner. We have rounded up top retailers selling IPA cleaner under £10!

Retailer Price Composition Volume Medium
Ebay £3.99 99.9% 50ml Miniature Spray Bottle
Cheap Franking Supplies £4.99 99.9% N/A Wipes (5)
Antistat £5.10 70% N/A Wipes (200)
Hexeal £9.26 99.9% 1L Jerry Can
RS £9.29 99.9% 500ml Tinned Solution
Cromwell £9.34 99.9% 400ml Aerosol
Amazon £9.99 99.9% 500ml Twist Cap Solution

As you can see above, there are many forms of IPA cleaner, choose one that you are comfortable using. There are a few quantities to choose from as IPA cleaner has many uses, so this purchase is not solely for Tenura anti slip bath stickers. For instance, you can disinfect many surfaces in your home as it is safe to use on plastics and glass, which is crucial during this current pandemic.

How can I use IPA cleaner safely?

  1. You must make sure the room is well ventilated. It is essential as IPA cleaner contains alcohol, which gives off fumes that can be toxic. Ensure the room is ventilated, by opening windows and doors, allowing fresh air to enter.
  2. Please also note it is incredibly flammable due to the concentration of alcohol, so keep well away from flames, e.g. lit candles in your bathroom.

What are bath stickers?

Peeling anti slip bath sticker off backingAnti slip bath stickers are small pre-cut shapes that you can apply to your bathtub or shower to add non-slip properties. Tenura bath stickers are an essential daily living aid in any bathroom and can help everyone gain confidence by having a sure-footing when bathing. Tenura bath stickers come in two shapes (circles and strips) and two colours (transparent and white).

How do I apply anti slip bathroom stickers?

We have an in-depth blog that goes into detail to make sure your bath stickers are applied correctly for ultimate longevity. Read our blog post on "How to Apply Tenura Non Slip Bath Stickers".

IPA cleaner produces the best result, ensuring Tenura bath stickers adhere optimally. Now you know all about Tenuras top tip regarding the application of Tenura bath stickers! You can explore more innovative Tenura daily living aids via our products page and broaden your knowledge via the Tenura blog, so please subscribe.

All prices in the IPA cleaner table are correct at the time of publication

Activities in the Sun for People with Arthritis

There are things you can do to try and improve your well being and decrease the pain you may feel due to Arthritis. Staying active can help you to avoid stiffness in your joints and can also be a morale booster. Being out in the fresh air and underneath the warmth of the sun can provide many benefits for those who have Arthritis.

sunny day-activities for arthritis

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis in a handArthritis is a condition that tends to affect those who are part of the older generation this is often due to the natural wear and tear of material within joints. It does affect all ages and often impacts those who have been incredibly active throughout their childhood. Injury or infection can also increase your chance of Arthritis. Having said that, you should still exercise but do so on a flat, low impact ground that can absorb some of the force through the joints and help out to avoid falls. This can mean that the protective tissue within the joints has been worn away. It is beneficial to help decrease your risk of Arthritis and there are also certain activities you can do to relieve symptoms related to Arthritis.

Why is sunshine helpful to people with Arthritis?

Getting plenty of sunshine has been linked to a decreased risk of autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. This long-term condition affects the joints and often causes pain, swelling and stiffness. Sunshine helps the body to synthesise Vitamin D. Vitamin D keeps bones healthy and the autoimmune system working. The autoimmune system is responsible for fighting off infections/­diseases. Sunshine for those who have Psoriatic Arthritis, they often see the clearing of patchy red skin associated with this condition. Psoriatic Arthritis affects some of those who have Psoriasis, which is a condition affected by the immune system. It is thought to be triggered by unusual immune responses and a sign of Psoriasis is red patches of skin near the affected joints.

Activities for people with Arthritis

There are all sorts of activities you can do in the sun. For people with Arthritis, it is important to keep in mind that pain may be experienced through some exercises, so it is essential to start slowly and get to know your bodies' limitations. You do not want to cause yourself further pain. Tenura has researched and found that the following activities reduce the risk of Arthritis and help improve the lives of those who have the condition.


Family on a walk in the sunWalking is an activity that can involve friends and family. You can visit new places and soak up the sunshine and fresh air. Walking is a great activity for people who have Arthritis, being sat still can cause the joint to stiffen up. Keeping muscles and tissue in the joints warm and limber and can allow the person to move easily without as much pain.

To make sure this is enjoyable and safe, you must wear trainers that fit and provide support for your ankle joints. A flat smooth surface such as a public footpath can also offer you more control over your movements and can help to avoid any accidental injury that could be caused. A walking stick or other daily living aids could be used to help you access more routes and offer an extra level of comfort and confidence. If you pair a walking aid with Tenura anti slip grip strips around the handle, additional comfort and support is offered and the handle will also have non slip properties.


Old couple doing yoga in the sunYoga is adaptable to each individual. As the body becomes comfortable with the movements, the person becomes more flexible and can gain a connection between the mind and the body. Yoga holds this connection at its core and it is said to help relieve and find the source of pain. It can also help you find ways to deal with the pain. The slow and calm breathing can be a source of pain relief and is a useful technique, according to Dr. Kolasinski, a Rheumatologist at the University of Pennsylvania. To make this a safe activity make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing, including trainers that offer ankle support. You may also want to invest in knee and elbow bands/braces that provide support too.

To reap the most benefits from yoga, you should focus on a mixture of muscle-strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises and balance exercises.

Family cycling in the sunCycling

Cycling is an accessible activity for people with Arthritis as less strain is put through the joints due to the mechanical structure of a bike. These kinds of low impact activities are perfect for active people with musculoskeletal conditionals.

Arthritis Aids

Explore the range of Tenura daily living aids to find products that can help you complete exercises with more stability and confidence. Many of the daily living aids can have a positive impact on your life and be a great Arthritis aid.

Tenura Anti Slip Bath and Shower Stickers; Not Just For the Bathroom

Tenura bath and shower stickers are perfect for slip prevention in the home, as they are cost-effective, easy to apply, and easy to clean. These features make non-slip bath stickers a more than suitable alternative to bath mats, as we explain in detail in one of our previous blog posts: “Anti Slip Bath Mats vs Anti Slip Bath Stickers: who’s the Winner?”.

Non-slip bath stickers are not just confined to use in a bathroom. They can be just as useful for marine applications. Water-faring craft such as boats, barges, and yachts can also benefit from the slip prevention that Tenura anti slip bath stickers provide.

Aqua Safe Anti Slip Bathroom Stickers - Discs - Wet

Marine safety is a vital aspect when travelling on the open sea, lakes, or canals. Any boat on open water demands a safe area for people to work or enjoy leisure time. Many slips and falls on boats are due to a slippery wet surface. Slip and fall accidents on water-faring craft can be minor to severe, and could potentially result in you falling overboard. Not only will this put you in further danger, but a water-vessel out of control could result in a collision, potentially causing damage to other property and people.

Many types of slip prevention can be quite expensive, hard to apply, or very time consuming, such as abrasive paints, which can take a long time to dry, especially in the British weather!

Tenura Anti Slip Bathroom and Shower Sticker Strips

Tenura anti slip bath and shower stickers offer a non-slip surface without the worry of heavy-duty cleaning or constant reapplication of the material. Non-slip stickers, when applied to a clean and dry surface, provide excellent slip prevention.

Thanks to the construction, Tenura anti-slip shower stickers will provide an excellent anti-slip surface in dry and wet conditions, and should last a long time. Tenura shower stickers are also straightforward to clean, the shower stickers durable non-slip surface is non-abrasive (embossed surface with no peaks or valleys), so will not harbour dirt or damage cleaning equipment. These stickers can be applied to almost any surface and will create an effective slip prevention method. Clean the floor with an alcohol-based cleaner (We recommend IPA cleaner), and when dry, apply the anti-slip stickers ensuring adequate non-slip coverage. Read our blog: “Clean & Prepare your Bath with IPA for Anti-Slip Bath Stickers” to find the best preparation and application methods.

Tenura non-slip bath and shower stickers are available in strips and circles, with two colour options, white or transparent. You can order Tenura anti slip bath and shower stickers right now from our website.

Please note that if you are looking into purchasing Tenura anti slip bath stickers for large surface areas, you should contact us via phone to discuss pricing and quantity. A single roll of anti-slip bath stickers will not provide adequate slip prevention.

Stop Nasty Spills With A Tenura Cup Holder!

Red Anti Slip Cup HolderWhen at work or home, sometimes nothing hits the spot better than a piping hot cup of tea, coffee or even hot chocolate. A brew can be a nice start to a working day and can help wake you up in those first hours. Although any hot liquid mixed with drowsiness can be a dangerous combo, spills and drops are much more likely to happen and could cause serious damage to any electrical goods. Spills and drops can happen to anyone but can cause a lot of damage in the process.

Luckily Tenura has come up with a daily living aid to help prevent spills without the need for you to miss an important part of your day!

Tenura cup holders create an effective anti-slip surface that runs underneath and around the edges of the cup or mug, helping to create a solid non-slip bond with the cup and any flat surface the cup holder is placed. This strong non-slip grip of Tenura silicone cup holders helps to prevent unwanted movement and, in turn, stop spillages and drops. Tenura cup holders create a strong non-slip bond with any flat surface they are placed upon, helping to stop as much unwanted movement as possible and keep liquids in the cups and mugs!

Tenura cup holders are 100% silicone, which will also help to protect surfaces from the hot liquids on the bottom of cups, helping to prevent permanent ring marks. Cup holders can be used in the home, place of work, hospital, or health care environment. Tenura cup holders help to create a hygienic coaster due to silicone's anti-microbial properties (all Tenura silicone daily living aids are antimicrobial), helping protect you against a wide range of bacteria, which include, MRSA and E-coli.

Tenura anti-microbial cup holders are available in blue, red and yellow and can be used for a number of containers such as cups, mugs, beakers and glass tumblers.

For more information or advice on Tenura cup holders or any other daily living aid, feel free to contact us by phone. Alternatively, complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Tenura Rubber Mats As Visual Aids in the Home

Tenura Yellow Rubber Anti-Slip Mat as a Visual Aids

Tenura anti-slip rubber mats are superb as a non-slip surface. The three bright colours available are great for those who have sight impairments. The non-slip rubber mats can be an effective visual aid to place objects on, making them easier to find.

The main range of Tenura daily living aids is available in three vivid shades; bold blue, royal red and a sunny yellow, so they will stand out from most homes décor. The varying sizes of the mat allow you to cover a small area like a bedside table or a large area, such as a dining table. This will make daily tasks, such as locating all your essential everyday items, much easier.

Tenura anti-slip mats are 100% silicone. The anti-slip mats offer excellent non-slip qualities and are versatile, so they can be used on tables and worktops to provide purchase for objects placed on its surface. Tenura anti-slip mats are non-toxic, so they can be used in areas that require a high standard of hygiene like a kitchen or for use within the care sector. An additional feature that makes the anti-slip mats suitable is the antimicrobial properties that protect against mould, fungi and a wide range of bacteria.

In addition to these benefits, Tenura anti-slip mats are dishwasher safe (can withstand temperatures up to 250°C). They are also non-toxic, as they do not contain phthalate plasticisers which can be harmful to humans.

Use Tenura anti-slip table mats and coasters during meals. The non-slip properties help you to avoid spillages, breakages and injury. The colours can help highlight the objects or risks imposed by the object placed on the anti-slip mats, for instance, if you placed a hot cooking pot on a red table mat. It can be an indicator to others in the room that the pot is hot. We also have anti-slip children’s mats available which are perfect for playtime and mealtime. Due to being made from silicone, they are also incredibly easy to wipe down.

Another popular use for Tenura non-slip table mats is to place them under a chopping board. This prevents unwanted movement of the chopping board whilst it is in use. If the chopping board moves, it could cause injury. There are three sizes of table mat available. Tenura also manufactures anti-slip floor mats. The anti-slip floor mats are a great daily living aid and are often placed where a person goes from a standing to a sitting position or vice versa. The Tenura non-slip floor mat offers purchase allowing the user to get a firm foothold when moving from either of these positions.

Connect with us on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to show us how you are putting Tenura anti-slip mats into use around your home, office or care home.

Using Arthritis Aids with Sharp Kitchen Utensils

Tenura Anti-Slip Grip Strip on Knife

Arthritis is a condition that affects more than 10 million people in the UK. It is usually a condition that the older generation is diagnosed with. Arthritis causes loss of grip strength in many people as well as inflammation in joints. This pain can make life difficult especially when it comes to small repetitive movements such as when you use sharp kitchen utensils for food preparation.

The use of knives in the kitchen is a risky business anyway, a lack of concentration could mean an injury, but with arthritis, the risk of injury is greater. That is why using daily living aids can be beneficial. For example, when using a Tenura anti-slip mat under a chopping board, the anti-slip mat stops unwanted movement like the chopping board slipping. 

Tenura anti-slip grip strips are the perfect arthritis aid for this particular job, allowing you to enhance your grip on the knife handle. By using Tenura anti-slip grip strips, you can build up the handle to a more manageable size that your hand feels comfortable with, relieving stress in the joints and allowing them to move as freely as possible whilst maintaining control of the knife. Using Tenura anti-slip grip strips will increase confidence and allow you to perform daily tasks freely without the struggle.

At home, I am sure you have a utensil draw. If you cut to shape Tenura anti-slip roll and place it in the draw you can stop the unwanted movement of utensils as you open/close the draw but also as you go to pick up the utensil. The utensils remain in place due to the non-slip properties of Tenura silicone anti-slip roll. Someone with arthritis may feel pain when straining to reach a utensil but if the utensils are held in place they can be much easier to access.

Take a look at our range of arthritis aids and see which could work well for you in your daily activities.

For more detailed information on arthritis to help with understanding the condition and how to live with the symptoms, please visit the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society website and join the ever-growing community.