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Tenura Kitchen Packs Now Available

Tenura Kitchen Pack - 1 x Non-Slip Coaster - 1 x Non-Slip Jar Opener and 1 x Non-Slip Bottle OpenerTenura's range of independent living aids has been helping to make daily tasks easier for a long period. We now offer a special combination of our daily living aids that will provide a great solution to grip problems, whether at home or work! Tenura kitchen packs are a combination of three of our silicone products, designed to provide a high-quality non-slip and grip-enhancing surface and a safe way to open bottles, jars, and containers. Kitchen packs include a silicone jar opener, bottle opener, and a 19cm circular anti-slip coaster. This combination of kitchen aids can make daily tasks easier and relieve strain on muscles and joints.

Work in the kitchen, whether professional or not, is hard work. From preparing the food to chopping, mixing, and mashing, it can be a real exercise to create a decent meal for yourself or others. For those who have Arthritis, this can be even more of a task. Arthritis can make small tasks such as this, very painful and strenuous on the muscles and joints in your hand and arms, meaning a simple task can take a great deal of effort to accomplish. Simple tasks like opening and closing bottles and containers can be a real struggle for those with physical impairments as they cannot form a firm enough grip to open containers with twist tops easily. Tenura has handpicked some nifty kitchen aids to help combat the difficulties people with Arthritis deal with daily.

Tenura jar openers create a strong grip around jar lids and tops, making them easier to twist and open. Jar openers are ideal for people living with Arthritis as it will take away the need for a large amount of force to grip the lid or top and instead allow you to twist it open smoothly. Tenura jar openers have a strong, non-toxic silicone construction and can be washed with ease (dishwasher safe), allowing them to be used in high hygiene areas.

Tenura bottle openers offer the same grip-enhancing properties but in a smaller format to help open smaller twist tops, amongst other things. Bottle openers are designed to fit around bottles, medicine containers, taps, and many other items, making them easier and more comfortable to open! Like Tenura jar openers, bottle openers are also non-toxic and completely phthalate-free.

Tenura Round Yellow Anti-Slip Coaster

The last product in this combination of daily living aids is the Tenura silicone circular anti-slip coaster. Tenura non-slip coasters offer a non-slip surface that can be used as a mat or a coaster thanks to its size (19cm diameter) and shape. Like many other Tenura anti-slip mats and coasters, Tenura silicone will adhere to a clean, dry surface without additional adhesive, instantly forming a non-slip grip that will help prevent unwanted movement from objects that rest on the coaster. Providing an excellent surface for placing a chopping board, mixing bowl, or due to its high-temperature resistance (up to 250°C), hot pans and plates also, preventing unwanted movement that could lead to spills, stains, and potential injuries.

Tenura kitchen packs create the perfect range of independent living aids to help with every aspect of cooking, preparing food and other daily tasks, making them easier and more comfortable. All items in the kitchen pack can also be bought separately.

Tenura Kitchen packs have been created to offer a complete package for use in the kitchen, or around the home or workplace, and can be purchased on our website. Make sure to contact us with any questions regarding these products and the rest of the Tenura range.

Tenura kitchen pack = 1 x Non-slip jar opener | 1 x Non-slip bottle opener | 1 x Non-slip coaster

Buying them together will give you a group of silicone kitchen aids in one convenient kitchen pack that will help you overcome grip problems at home or in the workplace.

Tenura kitchen packs have been created to offer a complete package, for use in kitchens, or around the home or workplace and are available to purchase on our website. Make sure to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the Tenura kitchen pack. You can do this through our social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), the contact us form.

Tenura Anti Slip Mats Day to Day Uses

Anti-Slip Mat on Dinner Tray-Carried by Old LadyWhen cooking, there are constant dangers all around you. One of the most common injuries is when an object slips or suddenly moves when you could be cutting or using hot utensils and pans, which can burn you or damage the worktop. Tenura anti-slip mats can be placed on any dry, flat surface to create a non-slip, heatproof area for chopping boards, mixing bowls and hot trays and pans. A clean and dry worktop is required for the mat to have a good bond. Once placed down, Tenura mats will create a non-slip surface, which will prevent any slips or heat damage from the objects resting upon it. Tenura table mats can also be applied to a dinner tray, preventing unwanted movement and, therefore, spillages.

Tenura anti-slip mats are an excellent surface to rest a chopping board on, helping to prevent all movement from the chopping board, reducing accidents. Many chopping boards are still without a non-slip base, increasing the risk of slips and injuries. Tenura kitchen non-slip mats minimise the possibility of this happening. Anti-slip mats are also a superb surface to use when using a mixing bowl, preventing movement, which could create a mess. For those who suffer from hand impairments and joint diseases, holding onto a mixing bowl or chopping board while using them can be very difficult. If unwanted movement is possible, it can make the whole experience more dangerous. By having a Tenura non-slip mat, more control and safety is a guarantee during the task in hand.

Anti-Slip Mat under Chopping Board-Old Lady Chopping VegTenura anti-slip mats can also be used in the cooking process, withstanding temperatures up to 250°C means they are perfect for resting hot bowls, pans, and plates on, with no worry of heat damage. Tenura anti-slip mats will prevent the pans, bowls, or plates from being easily knocked and spilling, preventing injury.

Tenura kitchen non-slip mats are useful in a commercial environment such as a busy café, restaurant, or kitchen. Tenura non-slip mats will provide a reliable and hygienic non-slip surface perfect for almost any task in the kitchen. Tenura's silicone products are antimicrobial, meaning that no dirt or bacteria can grow or harbor on them, ensuring a clean surface that is also easy to clean if dirt is present. Tenura understands the high levels of hygiene required in commercial kitchens, which is why Tenura mats are made from non-toxic silicone, meaning no chemicals can leach into any food prepared on the mat's surface!

Tenura anti-slip mats are available in sizes of 25.5cm x 18.5cm, 35.5cm x 25.5cm, and 45.5cm x 38.5cm and in the following colour options; red, blue, and yellow and are available to purchase directly from the Tenura website now.

Free shipping is available on all orders over £50.

Dinner Time is Easier with Tenura Anti Slip Mats & Cutlery Grips!

anti slip childrens mat

Mealtimes with the family can always be messy, and keeping the house straight is a never-ending battle! Often the case for families with small children, a mess can suddenly appear because something has been knocked over or spilt, causing a slip hazard on the floor. Tenura understands the constant work parents have to put in to keep the house neat and tidy, so we have manufactured two silicone products for children, non-slip mats and cutlery grips, both designed to reduce the risk of slips, spills and help to keep areas clean.

Anti-slip antimicrobial children's mats can create an excellent non-slip surface at home or on the go, and this material helps to reduce the risk of many spills, breakages, and a mess on the table or floor. Tenura non-slip mats can be applied to any surface with ease. By laying it down on a flat, dry surface, the silicones' natural properties will adhere to the surface, and upon removal, it will leave no residue at all. Tenura non-slip mats have been created in a fun green frog and orange cat design, to make meal and play times more fun and enjoyable for children.


Tenura children's anti-slip mats also offer antimicrobial protection, helping to stop a wide range of bacteria from manifesting on these mats. This helps to protect your child’s developing immune systems and will help to prevent any build-up of bacteria or dirt. Tenura anti-slip mats are also easy to wash. With soap and hot water, you can be sure that this material is so clean, you could eat your dinner off it. Once dry again, Tenura non-slip mats will provide the same level of slip prevention. We think this material is a cost-effective solution to typical dinner mats, which while providing some protection from spills, generally offer little to non-slip protection. Tenura silicone is proven to help provide an anti-slip surface that reduces the risk of accidents.

These tasks can be even more tiring for those parents or guardians who suffer from physical impairments due to injury or such diseases as Parkinson's and Arthritis, which can make the smallest tasks become an uphill struggle. Tenura's range of daily living aids such as anti-slip mats and cutlery grips can make these small tasks easier at mealtimes and hopefully leave you feeling less tired and more capable of dealing with daily tasks.

Children's cutlery grips are another great addition to mealtimes for little ones who struggle to grip or use cutlery. Tenura cutlery grips slip over cutlery handles neatly, creating a larger surface area, which is more comfortable to hold. Tenura cutlery grips are constructed from our silicone, just like Tenura mats. Cutlery grips, therefore, boast the same valuable features; both are non-toxic and antimicrobial, which is essential for any object that is in close contact with food and your child. It is worth mentioning how easy Tenura children's cutlery grips and mats are to clean. They are dishwasher safe, but hot, soapy water will do the job.

Tenura children's anti-slip mats are available in a green frog or orange cat design, and will provide a durable non-slip surface, perfect for mealtimes!

You can buy Tenura children's mats and children's cutlery grips direct from the website.

Anti Slip Bath Mats vs Anti Slip Bath Stickers: Who’s the Winner?

Tenura Anti-Slip Bathroom Stickers/Bath Stickers Applied to Bath

A large majority of the population will have an expert opinion on this, as as far as I’m aware, almost everyone takes a bath or shower daily.

I’ve had lots and lots of bath mats in my home, and some of them have done their job…. when they are new, and for about a few weeks after. Some either don’t work at all, or fail after a few weeks previously mentioned.

Anti-slip bath mats, for me, are a tried and tested means of applying an anti-slip surface to your bath, or shower, in some cases. When my nephew was born, we even had one that would indicate if the water was too hot.

While them being a tried and tested means is true, they do have many pitfalls which have made me decide to never use them again. One, cleaning them, is a pain, and unless you are vigilant in the process of making sure it is clean, you will have a mat covered with, for want of a better description, bath scum, which after a while, will not come off. This results in the suction cups not working, meaning you have to remove the mat, clean it, and re-apply, sometimes needing you to step on it to get the cups to work properly, with sometimes almost disastrous results. Not only is a mat not a suitable surfboard, but a bath is also not big enough to surf in, and I’ve had many a fright in my life stepping on to one only for it to attempt to take my legs from under me.

The hygiene of the things is a major pain, as they build up dirt so fast, and while I assume someone has created a mat that eradicates this, the price of it is no doubt ridiculous.

So although my opinion on mats, is jaded, they have, for the most part, served the purpose they were created for. But these negative factors have made me decide that I will never purchase a bath mat for my home again.

It is here that we move on to the veteran bath mats opponent, the anti-slip bath sticker. Having used them for the past year or so, I am pretty sure that if I just told you to throw out your mat away and apply these to your bath or shower floor now, these words alone should be enough to convince you to give them a try. However, to make this a more interesting ( hmm.. ) and informative read, their factors must be mentioned, so here we go.

Anti-slip bath stickers have been the most efficient anti-slip surface I have applied to a shower or bath, there are some I applied, in about 5 minutes I may add, about a year ago in a shower, which was a death trap, and they are still there, still stuck fast, still clean, and still keeping people sure footed while they wash.

Out of the whole roll ( consists of 72 discs, or 30 strips if you prefer those ), I used about 20-25 discs which covered the surface enough to not leave any completely open spaces on the surface that a foot would not be on a disc. The cost of a roll is very low, and compared to a bath mat, is ridiculously cheap, considering how many baths and showers you could apply them to, or potentially, one roll could last you for many, many years.

So far, I have never had any I have applied fail, though there have been mentions of them failing (I must hasten to add that this has been due to residue on the surface they have been applied to, please see the anti slip bath stickers application video for correct application )

Keeping them clean is easy too, partly down to the material and construction of the stickers, no bacteria can harbor on them, though I would like someone, and I myself may attempt to get them dirty, and see how easy they are to clean compared to a mat, but using common sense and logic, I don’t see myself trying to wipe or even scrub a limp mat any easier than cleaning stickers.

Anti-Slip Stickers vs Bath Mat - Pros & Cons


  • Non-slip bathroom stickers are easy to wipe down, unlike bathmats which require a lot of effort to clean effectively.

Product Lifetime

  • Bath stickers last for years. Therefore, they have a longer product lifetime than that of a bath mat, which needs frequently replacing as the non-slip properties decline.


  • The initial cost of both is low, but the product lifetime of the bath stickers is greater, so, they do not need replacing as often as a bath mat, meaning long term savings.


  • With bath stickers, you can spread them across the target area and therefore, you are not limited compared to the predetermined size of a bath mat. Alternatively, if you are trying to cover a shower base, it isn't easy to find a bath mat to cover the entire area.

Environmental Factor

  • As a bath mat needs replacing frequently, more bath mats need to be produced, and as a result, more are sent to landfills compared to bath stickers. There is also more material used to create a bath mat each time than there is to manufacture non-slip bath stickers.


  • The initial set up for the bathroom stickers takes a slightly longer amount of time than the bathmat. However, due to the nature of a bath mat, the overall upkeep is more extensive than its counterpart. Each time a bath mat needs cleaning, it has to be removed and re-applied to the surface.

Mould Resistance

  • The material that makes up the Tenura anti slip bath stickers is by design, not susceptible to mould growth. However, that cannot be said for bathmats, as not all are anti-fungal.


  • Bathroom stickers are difficult to remove from a surface, which is also the selling point. On the other hand, bath mats are easy to remove.

Non-Slip Properties

  • Both have non-slip properties; however, the decline is quicker for bath mats than bath stickers.


  • Bath stickers are discrete. Tenura bath stickers are available in a transparent version as well as white. Bathmats have holes that collect dirt and mildew, becoming decrepit in both looks and colour.

Who's the winner, Anti Slip Bath Mats or Bath Stickers?

My mind was already made up on the victor of this small contest, making my opinions, somewhat biased, but just.

Of course, for me, the winner is the anti-slip bath stickers, but if you read this, hopefully, that is pretty clear anyway.

Tenura Aqua Safe Anti Slip Bath and Shower Stickers