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Tenura anti slip grip strips - Useful in many areas of Daily Life!

Disabilities and Impairments can make everyday tasks much harder. From operating door handles and preparing and cooking food, these tasks can be tiring and genuinely hard to accomplish. Tenuras wide range of daily living aids have been designed to attempt to make these general tasks as easy as possible for people suffering from such impairments and disabilities. Tenura anti-slip grip strips are one such product. This material offers a versatile non-slip grip, which can be applied almost anywhere. We have seen anti-slip grip strips used in many creative ways to make general tasks much easier. This material can be applied almost anywhere and will hold strong around the object it has been wrapped around without the need for an adhesive that could leave a residue.

Door Handles & Knobs

Door handles and knobs can be very difficult to grip and turn, for able-bodied and disabled people. Door knobs especially can be hard to grip due to their shiny surface. This can make going in and out of a room a harder task then it needs to be. By applying anti-slip grip strips, you can create an effective way to make turning door handles and knobs much easier. Simply wrap the grip strip around the door knob covering the majority of its surface. This will make it easier to grip and make going in and out of rooms a simple process once again.

Pots and Pans

Pans, pots and woks can also be difficult to move in any area. Spills and stains can cause injuries and expensive damage. It can cause a mess or severe injury depending on temperatures and the amount of liquid spilt. A non-slip material is an excellent way to help decrease the chances of clumsy mistakes and makes any object easier to hold and move. This materials thin finish will allow you to create a strong non-slip grip without increasing the bulk of the surface area too much. Tenura anti-slip grip strips are highly heat resistant, meaning they can survive on a pan, pot or wok for as long as you need them to.

Cups & Glasses

We all love a good cup of tea, coffee, or fresh juice in the morning, it’s an excellent start to a day and can help wake you up. One thing you never want to accompany your early morning brew is an early morning mess. A slip of the hand or a clumsy mistake while carrying or moving your cup can easily lead to breakages, nasty spills and stains, or injuries. This will all need cleaning or mopping up which isn’t easy for some people. Tenura anti-slip grip strips can help to make a mug, cup or glass much easier to hold onto and decrease the chances of nasty spills, stains and injuries. By wrapping the material around the cups handle, you can minimise the chances of loss of grip as the material will ensure the handle has an enhanced grip.

Food Preparation

Anti-slip grip strips are also very useful to apply to cutlery, utensils and many other items used during food preparation. Preparing food on the chopping board can be a strenuous task for anyone and can lead to an injury very quickly. Anti-slip grip strips can help by creating a firm grip on the handles of knives, forks, spoons and the chopping board bases themselves. This contributes to improving the general grip of these objects and minimise the chances of slips that could lead to injury. One handed Whisking is now possible with anti-slip grip strips. By placing anti-slip grip strips under the bowl and around the whisk handle, you can increase control and comfort.


Another product, designed for cutlery handles is Tenura cutlery grips. Cutlery grips can be slipped onto many different kitchen utensils with ease. Once applied, this material will create an enhanced surface area, allowing objects to be handled and used efficiently, without the strain and discomfort some experience when trying to grip small or thin objects.

To view how to use Tenura Anti Slip Grip Strips, you can view our video below:


Anti-slip grip strips and many other products Tenura manufacturers are available on the Tenura website, here you can see all information about the products and the current prices we offer.

Daily living – How to Make Meal Times Easier

tenura-at-mealtimesEveryday life is full of little challenges and tasks which the healthiest and able-bodied people find difficult or tiring. These tasks include Hoovering, cooking, hanging the washing out and many other tasks in day to day life.

All of these tasks are important in day to day life but can be tiring and difficult to fit into a busy lifestyle. These tasks become even harder when suffering from impairments or diseases such as Arthritis, which affect your grip and motor functions. Suddenly these tasks are near impossible without strain on muscles and joints, usually accompanied by lots of pain. This can pose a threat to your independent living and general lifestyle. Luckily, Tenura has a wide range of products which can be combined to help in all areas of the home.

In this blog post, we will be focusing on how different diseases and motor impairing injuries can affect a very important part of daily life. How to make mealtimes easier!

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, mealtimes can be stressful and exhausting, especially with a young family. There can be spills, stains, arguments and tears. This is something we can all do without, especially when hot liquids or food can ruin clothes, burn skin or make a big mess which someone (usually you) will have to clean up. Tenura can provide high quality daily living aids designed to prevent spills and stains, make cutlery easier to hold, and keep plates and dishes steady.


Rectangular Mats

Tenura anti slip rectangular mats are ideal for placing on trays, tables and at the bottom of chairs or stools. Tenura rectangular anti slip mats create a strong non slip grip with any flat surface they are placed upon, and any object placed on its surface. This will help to keep plates, dishes, and bowls at the dinner table from sliding, helping to prevent potential spills and stains. These mats are constructed from an anti-microbial silicone, meaning no bacteria or germs can harbour or grow on this material. Tenura mats are also very easy to clean, a simple application of soap and warm water will be more than enough to clean off any dirt or grime that may build up after a prolonged usage. After this material has dried, it will regain all non-slip properties, allowing it to be used again and again.

Tenura anti slip rectangular mats can also be found in a larger floor mat design. This mat has a textured non slip surface, designed to have shoes or boots resting on it. This mat can be placed at the bottom of beds, chairs, and even toilets. This will help to stop your feet from slipping, which could lead to a serious injury, especially for those who have trouble walking freely. This mat is also really useful for wheelchair users. This mat can be carried with you on the go with ease, then placed down in front of you on a flat surface. This mat will provide a strong surface for you to stand and sit, without the chance of your feet slipping and sliding from underneath you.

Tenura anti slip mats can be found in many different sizes and in different colours to suit your needs.



In day to day life, we all have clumsy moments which can lead to spills and stains which you have to clean up. We have all knocked a fresh cup of tea or coffee all over the floor. Tenura coasters are there to safeguard against this problem by creating a surface in-between the cup and table and stop the cup from moving. Unfortunately if you have a coaster on a particularly shiny and slippery table, this can move around and slide, potentially spilling the cup, mug or glasses contents all over your table, work surface or breakfast bar. This can not only create one big mess, but could lead to slips and falls which could lead to serious injury.

Thankfully Tenura has a wide range of silicone anti slip coasters, in many different sizes and shapes, designed to prevent objects from sliding around and accommodate all size of cups and mugs. Tenura square coasters are made from a silicone rubber, meaning they have excellent grip qualities. This will help to prevent objects from moving on the table and cups and mugs from potentially spilling over by creating a strong non slip surface with the table it is placed on and the cup which rests on its surface. This product comes in a pack of four and is ideal for use all around the home and even in the workplace.

Tenura can also offer Anti-microbial cup holders. This product is designed to be attached to the bottom of cups and mugs, allowing you to create a portable non slip surface. This allows the cup or mug to be moved anywhere around the house without needing a coaster or cover to prevent damage or spillage on surfaces. Tenura cup holders can be applied and removed from cups with ease without leaving a residue. This product can be washed and used again and again once dry.

Tenura coasters are a great help in day to day life by providing a strong non-slip surface to rest all manner of containers and cups/mugs on, preventing them from slipping and sliding which could cause spills and stains. Tenura anti slip circular coasters are one such product. Tenura circular coasters create a strong non-slip grip over a large area of any flat surface. This coaster can be found in two sizes, 14cm & 19cm, making it perfect for cups and mugs or bigger items like bowls, plates, food containers and many other items. This materials non-slip grip will help to stop spills and stains which could occur due to unwanted movement from the container. By creating a strong non-slip surface, this massively decreases the chance of spills, making day to day life easier and eating/drinking safer. Like all of our coasters, Tenura circular coasters will not harbor bacteria or grime. This is thanks to its Anti-microbial construction. Tenura coasters can also be washed with ease and will regain all non slip properties again once dry.


Cutlery Grips

Arthritis, hand impairments and diseases which affect motor function can make meal times a hassle, especially when it comes to handling utensils such as knives, forks, and spoons. With arthritis affecting a persons ability to grip items effectively, as well as causing discomfort and pain, this makes the idea of meal times a daunting experience. Tenura cutlery grips are designed to make this sort of task and many others a lot easier.

Tenura cutlery grips are a large non slip handle, designed to allow knives, forks, and spoons to be slipped in with ease, instantly increasing the size and enhancing the surface area for the user to grip and make the cutlery easier to hold. This can make meal times a much more pleasant experience, and help to reduce pain and discomfort for those who suffer from hand and grip impairments. Cutlery grips can be easily washed and are anti-microbial, meaning no bacteria or dirt will harbour on its surface. Tenura cutlery grips come in a pack of 2, allowing you to create an enhanced grip on knives, forks or spoons at the same time, without the need for constant switching of utensils.



Tenura Cupcaps create a seal over cups, mugs and cans, preventing spills and stains, and keep drinks fresher for longer. This anti-microbial silicone material can be stretched over the top of cups and mugs with ease, leaving a straw hole in the middle to allow liquid out of the container. Cupcaps are perfect for hot and cold liquids, and can be washed with ease. This product is ideal for those who suffer from grip impairments or diseases like Parkinson's, were uncontrollable shaking or movement may cause spills. By creating a seal over the top of the material, this virtually eradicates spills, and to drink, simply place a straw into the middle valve inside the Cupcap. This allows you a lot more freedom as to where you can go with a beverage and when you can drink it. A good example of this would be when in a moving car or getting from one part of the house to the other!

Tenura Cupcaps come in a pack of two one larger 80mm Cupcap and a smaller 60mm one. This allows you to cover and protect yourself and your surroundings from multiple drinks spilling. This could potentially cause damage, nasty stains or a slippery mess which could lead to a fall. Tenura Cupcaps have strong non slip qualities when dry, and can be used multiple times over on cups, mugs and cans.


By combining Tenura’s wide range of daily living aids, you can re-claim dinner times and make all the tasks involved from preparation to simply taking a drink much easier.

Tenura’s wide range of daily living aids will help to make mealtimes easier, making them a pleasure rather than a chore.

For more information on the wide range of products Tenura offers, or the many uses our products have, please contact us via the contact us page or visit the Tenura product page to view the complete range.

Tenura at Naidex 2016!

The long awaited Naidex Exhibition is upon us again, and we cannot wait for it to start!

The Naidex expo, Held at the NEC, Birmingham on the 26th-28th of April, is the UK’s largest disability, rehabilitation and homecare event with many different companies and people attending. This is always a great exhibition to attend, and we cannot wait to get setup.

This year, we will be exhibiting our range of daily living aids at the Naidex exhibition, to give out to the general public and share information about the brands! We at Tenura also love making new connections with exhibitors and attendees, to hear about the many interesting innovations this area often has. Tenura’s repre­sen­ta­tives, Chris and Stuart, will be at Stand – C20 throughout the exhibition, please don’t hesitate to drop by and say hello!

We have a feeling this years exhibition will be very useful and fun to attend! To keep up with us all the way, make sure to follow our social media on Facebook & Twitter. These will be regularly updated with photos of how the expo is going!

Tenura Christmas and New Year closing

Here it is once again folks. Christmas has come around to us once again! Time to sit down and relax for a while with good food and company, I know for a fact I’m looking forward to putting my feet up.

As with all holidays, Tenura will be closing down over Christmas and New Year, the dates are as follows:


December 23th: Cut off point for Tenura orders

December 24th: 8.30-3
December 25th: Closed
December 26th: Closed
December 27th: Closed
December 28th: Closed
December 29th: 8.30-12
December 30th: 8.30-12
January 1st: Closed
January 2nd: Closed
January 3rd: Closed
January 4th: Business resumes as normal

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at Tenura, and look forward to seeing you in the future!

Tenura Anti Slip Mats – Make Meal Times Simpler!

Tenura anti slip mats are designed to make preparing and eating food a much easier task!

For those with hand or arm impairments, preparing a meal can seem like a daunting and dangerous task, keeping bowls and utensils from falling or moving can be a real struggle, and can make you feel like not bothering at all, especially if you are preparing the whole meal yourself. This can be a painful and challenging part of day to day life for those with disabilities such as arthritis, Parkinson’s, tendonitis etc., simply gripping a spoon or bowl can take an immense amount of effort. Injuries such as damaged tendons or muscle inflammation can also make this task hard or impossible, this can sometimes mean a life ruled by the disability or injury you have sustained, Tenura is constantly battling to prevent this from happening and make independent living easier, where everyday tasks are virtuallt as easy as they used to be.

tenura mat copy

Tenura anti slip mats can be an effective solution to this problem thanks to their high grip surface. Tenura mats are a great solution for keeping bowls, utensils and chopping boards from slipping, thanks to the high grip properties of the product. This makes unintentionally moving these items much harder, which can prevent nasty injury from occurring or a massive mess which would take a lot of time to clean up. When placed on a flat surface, this material will create an effective grip, perfect for use anywhere in the home, even one handed with certain sized bowls, chopping boards plates.

These anti slip mats are also suitable to prevent plates slipping on dinner trays, this can be a big help to those with severe movement disabilities like arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. By keeping the plate still it decreases the chances of spills which could stain and ruin your carpet or sofa, or spill on to your floor, creating a slip hazard!  Tenura anti slip rectangular mats are made from non-toxic silicone, meaning they can be used in areas which require high standards of hygiene.

meal with mats copy

These mats can make help maintain independent living, by creating an area with high levels of grip; you can effectively use kitchen machines, cutting boards mixing bowls and many other items to the best of your abilities.

Tenura anti slip mats are available in the following colours and sizes:

  • 25cmx18.5cm In red, blue and yellow
  • 35cmx25.5cm In red, blue and yellow
  • 45.5cmx38.5cm In red, blue and yellow

These mats can be utilised further, and combined with our silicone anti slip grip strips. These strips can be easily wrapped around cutlery, utensils and bowls, cups or even cupboard or fridge handles applying a great grip around them. Combining Tenura anti slip mats and grip strips together can make preparing, cooking and eating a meal a much easier and simpler task.

Tenura anti slip grips strips are available in blue at 1mx2cm, or cut to size rolls in red or blue, ranging from sizes 1m x 20cm to 9m x 40cm

If you require any further information or advice, feel free to contact us by email, phone or the contact us form on the site.

Tenura @ Naidex National, Birmingham NEC, 30th April – 2nd May.

Naidex National Birmingham

We are exhibiting at Naidex National again this year, and we’re really looking forward to seeing all the great products and innovations, meeting many great people, and making many new connections.

Naidex National is the largest disability, rehabilitation and homecare event in the UK, with over 300 exhibitors, enabling them, and the many visitors it brings, to trade and meet all in one, very large complex. Events such as this help innovate many products and services, building a brighter future for many, many people.

Tenura will be exhibiting from start to finish, bringing with us our new and present range of products, with friendly advice for anyone who comes looking for it. We hope to be able to give and take experience to help ourselves and others to come up with more ideas, allowing us to innovate our range of daily living aids, and hopefully give other people fresh perspectives on their ideas and products.

We will be live on the social networks, updating visitors and exhibitors to keep up to date with where we are, what we’ve seen and who we’ve met.

Follow and join us if you haven’t already, to help keep you up to date. You never know, you may get to meet some of the gang!

We will bring more details such as stand number, nearer the time.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Tenura on:




Introducing Tenura

Tenura Daily Living Aids - Yellow Jar Opener

Tenura is more than a range of products. Tenura aims to become a system within a person's lifestyle to help with impairments to strength or grip. 

Tenura anti-slip daily living aids provide additional grip and can be used by everyone. Designed specifically to help the elderly and disabled, but can be used by anyone to help maintain independent living.

Our main range of daily living aids uses high-quality, injection-moulded silicone. The silicone is an efficient material in terms of grip and comfort, and this means that, unlike other manufacturers, our products are free from toxic substances and phthalate plasticisers.

Tenura daily living aids are perfect in all environments, including domestic and clinical use. They can be used universally as the antimicrobial properties of the silicone prevent fungi and bacteria from harbouring. This is paramount for those who are elderly and disabled as they are more susceptible to disease. In a clinical environment, it is important to prevent the spread of diseases, and Tenura daily living aids can help maintain cleanliness.

From jar openers to anti-slip coaster and mats, the whole silicone Tenura daily living aid range is exceptionally durable, dishwasher safe (withstanding temperatures of 250°C), has hygienic, anti-microbial benefits and non-slip properties. The beneficial properties of Tenura daily living aids apply well to all environments. For instance, if you need additional grip when opening a bottle, the silicone bottle opener provides just that. The anti-slip properties are useful when it comes to the table mats and floor mats, as objects placed on them, such as a mug of hot coffee will be held firmly in place and if knocked, will remain standing. This helps our customers to avoid spillages, breakages and even injury.

Our additional products to the main range, such as non-slip fabric, Tenura Extreme adhesive mats and our bath and shower stickers, are becoming welcome additions in people’s homes. Tenura daily living aids are versatile in use, durability, effectiveness and are competitively priced.

If you or someone you know is finding regular day to day tasks a challenge, we have a solution.

With the Tenura blog, we aim to provide you with informative, engaging content, from how Tenura can help you achieve an independent lifestyle, to stories of life experiences made better with new innovative designs and technology in the industry. Subscribe to the Tenura blog here.

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